The "Completely Insane" Policies Of Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi

Nintendo's third president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, was famously disinterested in video games, preferring to play more traditional Japanese board games. Despite this, he's also known for modernising Nintendo and transforming the video game market.

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Platformgamer657d ago

well, even now their policies are bullshit, here's 5 examples:
1 - youtube restrictions and copyright claims
2 - nintendo labo existence
3 - selling an unfinished underpowered console overpricing it
4 - porting wiiU games on switch instead of selling the wiiU at 50$
5 - willing to do cross platform like if it is very important, same problem that microsoft has.

Eonjay657d ago

Still I think that pales in in comparison of locking controller functionality to a sub to their online service. Thats and voice chat of course. They make amazing games but I think they know this and it gives them liberty to do some very odd/abrasive things.

MrMagz657d ago

Not sure exactly how LABO existing and doing cross play are bad policies. Especially that last one.

Sirk7x656d ago (Edited 656d ago )

1. I agree, non consumer friendly and short sighted decision.
2. It's for kids and it's an engineering/programming toy. I don't know why its existence bothers you.
3. I could argue that the Switch is the most powerful handheld console ever made for half the price of a phone. Agree to disagree.
4. That's taking a huge business loss and no company would do that. Wii U failed for a good reason, would be dumb to continue to manufacture at a loss. I personally wanted them to port those games, and it gave me a reason to give my wii u to a friend with children because I knew they would.
5. I think any time a game offers cross platform between consoles, that's a win for us gamers. Doesn't mean you have to get into the fan and company drama of it.

gangsta_red656d ago

1. Whatever, not a huge deal and it's their right
2. Yes, because trying something different and against the norm is bs
3. Unfinished? Underpowered? Meanwhile providing some of the best games so far this gen
4. Porting games over like Playstation and Xbox, nothing new there
5. Upsetting extreme fanboys by providing developers with what they asked for and would like...yeah, huge problem for Nintendo

SuperSonic91656d ago (Edited 656d ago )

How about locking up third party developers to make only three games a year on NES and can not make any othet game on other console gaming platforms like Sega, SNK , NEC?

Hoe about price fixing their games for decades?

How about threatening Toys R Us with stock shortages if they sell Sega Genesis and Turbo Grafix consoles and games?

fathertime4464656d ago

Wow did you go back far enough? I'm sure if you go back 30 years for every company you'd find some horrible policies. And during that same time period Nintendo almost single handedly saved the home console business. They earned that swollen head. (yes it is baby though).
I'm pretty sure that if you track back far enough in your own life you'd find the same kinda BS decisions

SuperSonic91656d ago


We are talking about Yamauchi here and of course he dates way back.
Its not about Iwata or Reggie, dude.

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