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Rob Pitt writes: Virtual Reality is perfect for those of us who want to experience things we could never dream of doing. Such as venturing through magical lands, taking down hordes of zombies, and even watching on as a loveable mouse goes on an adventure.

However, what if we flip that and use our PSVR headsets in order to experience something nobody would ever dream of, such as waking up blind? That’s what Tiny Bull Studios and Fellow Traveller have brought to us in the form of Blind which is out now on PS4 and PC for VR headset owners.

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Atticus_finch26d ago

Nice, I always love fresh ideas like this.

rob-GP26d ago

Yeah, it reminded me, in premise, of that Perception game - but I've not played that yet so I couldn't make direct comparisons. But as a VR game, it works really well. I would advise anyone playing to get to the end of the game before passing judgement though as I read a few reviews where they clearly hadn't uncovered what was going on, thus didn't quite 'get' the game.