Sega Ages: Virtua Racing announced for Switch

Sega announced Sega Ages: Virtua Racing for Switch during its Sega Ages stage event at Tokyo Game Show 2018. A release date was not announced.

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ZeekQuattro26d ago

Nice. When I had a 32X this was one of my favorite racing games.

Segata25d ago

Welcome to the next level!

SierraGuy25d ago

Probably going to announce Streets of Rage 4 also Switch exclusive.

I hope not.

make7225d ago

This game will push switch to its limits.I still remeber when i played this game first time the Arcade version back in time it was incredible.

ferhound25d ago

I hope it's a port or a remake of the arcade version. Also if they do Virtua Fighter that would be so awesome.

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