Rumor: New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Possibly Leaked Through Screenshot

A screenshot making the rounds today purports to show an unannounced Smash Bros. character.

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TekoIie25d ago

Look's like Ken as an echo fighter.

DarXyde24d ago

Akuma would've been cooler

3-4-523d ago

No way. Ken has always been almost as popular as Ryu. Plenty of people back in the 90's liked Ken even more.

If Richter or whatever his name is in the game, there is no reason Ken(who is more known) shouldn't also be in.

I'm guessing Ken's moveset will be altered and geared around his kicks.

DarXyde23d ago


Ken hasn't really been cared about for a while. Whether it is the games, crossover titles, or general media, Ken is kind of reduced to the role of "rival who is kind of just there", assuming he really is. It's kind of like what Knuckles became when Shadow came into the Sonic universe.

Akuma would certainly offer good variety when compared to Ken. Not sure they would allow his Street Fighter V moveset (which is a shame because I like how varied it is).

But really, Sakurai's raging Fire Emblem boner is ridiculous and provides a clear reason why he should choose a character that is less like Ryu for his echo.

Casepb24d ago

Why is he so tiny looking? This is clearly fake...

ImportGamer300424d ago

i want Megaman X as an echo fighter.

Andy_Dee24d ago

They said Ken would be an echo fighter already right? Pretty sure it was on the Big Nintendo Direct.

Sgt_Slaughter24d ago

Ken has not been announced yet, no. The biggest echo so far is Richter Belmont for Simon.

Andy_Dee23d ago

Aah ok.. Maybe it was a leak.

assassin2k23d ago

At the bottom right it says Ken but there's no avatars for him like there is the other characters.