The Top 10 Superhero Games Of All Time

From the Dark Knight to the Webslinger and everything in between, these are the best superhero video games ever made.

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CarlDechance123d ago

I loved Arkham City, but I would have to give the nod to Spider-man for the richer combat and gameplay.

GamingSinceForever123d ago

Hence the very reason this article popped up. Spider Man clearly moved the needle.

DEEHULK88123d ago

Gamplay not richer and game is not better but it is cool.

CarlDechance123d ago

Disagree. Batman has simpler combat and the gadgets are not nearly as diverse. I can dodge and counter pretty much every attack in Batman as long as I time it right. That isn't going to fly in Spider-man. You will get pummeled. Spider-man forces me to figure out the other attacks at my disposal. The regular button mashing will not cut it. That is why Spider-man is richer and better, imo.

DEEHULK88123d ago

Batman and Spiderman are different and they fight differently as well, so nothing about them should be the same. Batman has better and more interesting villains in fact i think batman has the best villians of any comicbook. I am not going to be a prisoner of the moment. Spiderman is a great game but i have to agree with Game informer.

CarlDechance123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Batman fights a variety of street thugs and baddies just like Spider-man does. They both have gadgets and they both have Spidey-sense to indicate an attack is coming. They both have the same basic attacks and dodges. So many similarities, but going further in depth shows the differences.

But you saying nothing about them "SHOULD" be the same tells me you have only played Batman. The fact that you don't know anything about Spider-man's gameplay confirms it. No need to even bother with your take on the Spider-man villains in that case.

DEEHULK88123d ago

That is not true, i purchased spiderman when it came out for my pro, so i don't care what it tells you kid. Sick of you fkn prisoners of the moment. Your opinion is your opinion and my opinion is my opinion( and Game informers opinion). I just leave at that.

CarlDechance122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Well "kid" it would help if you could talk intelligently about your opinion. Your post is rife with nonsense and the ONLY take you can muster is saying "I agree with gameinformer" over and over.

heh....prisoner of the moment? You are a prisoner of ignorance. I'll let you figure out which is worse.

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Vandamme21123d ago

Wow no Arkham origins...that game was awesome too

KiRBY3000122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Arkham Origins is overlooked because it wasnt made by Rocksteady but it's just as good as the other Arkham games. I love it.

Still, with 3 Arkham games in a top 10 list it's understandable they left Origins out.

I would have picked Persona 5, South Park : The Fractured But Whole and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Turtles in Time.

DeadManMMX123d ago

No Infamous 2.....wha? Also besides the Arkham games and Spider-man game. None of the other games on this list were better then Infamous. Effin Incredible Hulk...*takes a deep breath*...ok. An opinion is an opinon is an opinion is an opinion. Moving on with life.

Abnor_Mal123d ago

Lmao I never saw the appeal of an Incredible Hulk game. Good in Marvels Ultimate Alliance, but that's it, definitely not a standalone worthy character for a video game. HULK SMASH, AND SMASH AND SMASH AND SMASH SOME MORE. Pass.
In my most humblest of opinions of course.

Profchaos123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Infamous 2 was a classic but I think ss had more depth to the combat and gameplay despite being so short. I'd say 1 was probably the best still.

But also you can see the author of the article has a strong bias towards hand to hand combat with most of the list consisting of arcade fighters and the top 3 games having strong hand to hand combat.

Infamous was probably more geared towards a shooter crowd I never really went toe to toe in those games

DeadManMMX122d ago

I'm re-playing through 1 now going for the platinum it definitely feels dated but is still solid. Infamous 2 just upped the ante gameplay wise. Adding in the Amp for better melee combat, and adding light poles, and new traversal powers like the Ice hop. Infamous 2 gameplay wise is better then 1 in every way (as it should be building off of it). I give Infamous 1 the edge on story but 2 is pretty epic "The Beast Is Coming".

Blu3_Berry123d ago

I gotta say, I think I did enjoy the combat more in Spider-Man over the Batman Arkham games, mainly because I noticed that with the Arkham games, sometimes I wonder how the f*** batman goes 30 feet across the room to hit another enemy in 1 second. It felt a bit more easy to button mash your way to victory. Least with Spider-Man it makes sense for his to use his web and you can actually die if not careful against some of the tougher enemies later in the game especially when Sable's army comes out to play.

DerekFlint007122d ago

In my personal list of favourite superhero titles, i'd have added the splendid Punisher game from 2004/5.