Control Dev Diary 04 - A New Remedy Protagonist: Introducing Jesse Faden

Dev Diary 4 is all about Control's new protagonist, Jesse Faden. Even though Jesse is an outsider to the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), she is not an outsider to the unexplained. Everything seems familiar in some sort of weird way...

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masterfox24d ago

I just hope they don't downgrade of what they displayed in this past E3 , that trailer was damn good, the physics, the slow mo adds so much to that trailer, I think the main character is great as well, seeing her in this video it looks she really portrays a strong female character and is very pretty too , so definitely all good so far :D

Smokehouse24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

That control remedy YouTube page is nicely done. I didn’t watch anything yet but I will dig into it when I have more time, I’m a sucker for these kinds of walkthroughs and updates. I don’t know why all developers don’t set up channels like that. It’s so much better than hearing about it from somebody else with a screenshot.