Retro Studios Celebrates 20 Years In Gaming

by Ryan Craddock:
"We imagine Retro Studios is one company that needs absolutely no introduction on these pages, but we're about to provide one anyway as the developer is today celebrating 20 years in the world of gaming.

Yes, back in 1998, Retro Studios was born as a game development studio with Nintendo acting as a parent company. Its initial aim was to create games which would appeal to an older demographic for the GameCube (which, at the time, was still a few years away from release). Eventually, all efforts were focused on a new project called Metroid Prime - a new entry to the series which would use 3D graphics for the first time. The rest, as they say, is history."

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PhoenixUp30d ago

What’s Retro Studios even been doing since 2014

Geobros30d ago

Nice question, it is almost 5 years. I hope to do something good, i dont want another Donkey Kong to be honest. I would prefer a Metroid Prime style.

Neonridr30d ago

Did they have a hand at all at porting Tropical Freeze to the Switch? Or was that handled entirely by someone else? You have to figure if they have been working on something for 4 solid years now, then hopefully we get to see something soon.

Einhander197129d ago

Exactly put us out of misery and show us something, I was expecting something from them at E3 but nothing. The wait continues 😞