Nintendo Switch Online Is As Anaemic & Disappointing As We Expected It To Be

TSA writes: "Depending on how you want to count their attempts, you could say that Nintendo Switch Online is the company’s third major attempt at an online infrastructure, but it’s sadly not a case of third time lucky. For the last 18 months, Switch fans and Nintendo sceptics alike have been wondering if, when and how the service would launch and whether or not it would lead to a tangible improvement in Nintendo’s approach to online."

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FallenAngel1984934d ago

Nintendo continues disappointing us in the online arena for the 21st century.

One gripe nobody seems be talking about is how the service is actually called “Nintendo Switch Online” which heavily implies they’ll just start over from scratch again with their next system instead of just building upon what came before like XBL & PSN do every gen.

TekoIie933d ago

Probably has more to do with it being a separate service from the 3DS.

Mister_Wolf933d ago

So glad there was a trial for it first. I know it's only about half the price yearly compared to the rivals, but it barely has half the benefits.

Also, I think it's time they updated the UI on the Switch. Ads the option for folders too.

Ninte933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

A decade late as it still doesn't have many key features.

Einhander1971933d ago

As long as the games keep coming I’m happy, I don’t give a monkeys about online. Nintendo do there own thing and don’t care to much about Sony and Microsoft’s strategy’s.

DaleCooper933d ago

On the plus side, I finally beat Gradius.

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