Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers a waste of money (unless you play the system right)

Nintendo wants you to think you're getting a deal buying vouchers that could be redeemed for discounted games, but that reality is that you're going to have to put in a little extra work to make sure it's actually saving you money.

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PhoenixUp692d ago

All this voucher business does is serve as a reminder that Nintendo is very stingy in letting the price drop permanently for any of their games. Having a program like this wouldn’t even be necessary if a number of first party titles just dropped to $20-$50 range after a certain point in time

Gemmol691d ago

Why should they drop it? Do you know how many people complain about Sony and Xbox first party games lose value after a month they when they try to trade it in at GameStop or any other place they only get 20 or less

You try same thing with a Nintendo first party game and you will get back way more money

I rather have a game that have value so when it’s time to sell or trade I actually get something back for what I spend

But it don’t matter to me I’m all digital on my switch

PlayableGamez-691d ago

Your the reason why Nintendo fans are the worst. You guys always argue against your best interest.

Fraggle1987691d ago

Nintendo fanboys will defend anything. For people that play digital how does ur excuse help them?

Gemmol691d ago


I’m on team #SwitchPS4

All I’m saying if I was still physical gamer I would rather my games hold value instead of being like everyone else who complain to gamestop about being ripped off and with a Nintendo first party game I am less likely to be ripped off

ShadowWolf712691d ago

...maybe stop thinking of video games as a tradable commodity or currency?

And you'll still get ripped off trading in those games. lol

The higher prices simply allow places like GameStop to turn around and sell them for $45 even years after launch.

indysurfn691d ago

He is a Digital fan. he does not speak for me. I am a Nintendo, and Sony fan. I'ts all Physical for me.

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691d ago
Neonridr691d ago

but Nintendo does have their Selects line, doing exactly what you are asking them to do

691d ago
Neonridr690d ago

@RobtimusPrime - they simply haven't launched any Switch titles on the Select Line yet. These titles were available while those consoles were still selling regularly. It's not like they just put the Wii U titles onto the Select line, or the Wii ones.

jlove4life692d ago

I definitely read wrong I thought voucher was like xbox game pass 99 dollars but you only have games for one yr i was like who would buy this vs owning games for 20 dollars more smh

dotwithshoes692d ago

This article sounds like a slow news day and someone decided to be whiney.

Gemmol691d ago (Edited 691d ago )

This whole article dumb, Nintendo already said they adding more of their games to the list for example marvel Ultimate Alliance and fire emblem etc this article focus on Bayonetta 2.....when you get the voucher you do not have to use it right away wait for them to add the game you want

SegaSaturn669691d ago

I pirate all my switch games. No regrets.

Fraggle1987691d ago

Im not surprised with switch game prices.

Maybay691d ago

In that case, don't buy the games or Nintendo hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.