Action Trip: Saints Row 2 Review

Action Trip writes: "If you can stop your mouth from uttering the words "will the real GTA, please stand up" or "shameful GTA clone," then you should also be able to muster enough strength to understand what Saints Row 2 is about. While the GTA series has been labeled, in general, as one of the most influential games ever created, the developers decided to make thing grittier and more realistic in the latest installment. Saints Row 2 is a completely different experience, parodying every possibly aspect of city crime. Yeah, GTA IV does that, but in subtle, more down-to-earth fashion; whereas, SR 2, mockingly portrays gangster lifestyle perhaps more than any other game out there."

+A cool take on the GTA recipe
+Amusing over-the-top action
+Fun both in single-player and in multiplayer

-Story and dialogue

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