SNK's Yasuyuki Oda Asks if Fans Would Like a Metal Slug Reboot With Traditional One-Hit-KO Mechanic

SNK's Game Division Deputy General Manager Yasuyuki Oda has a question for you about a hypothetical Metal Slug reboot and its mechanics.

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gangsta_red30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It has to be hand drawn sprites or a definite no-go.

I personally think they should do a Garou and Art of Fighting reboot, but combine the two stories into one story line.

Especially since Geese was the main protagonist for both of the early games. This will also clean up the timeline for both those games in relation to the KoF series.

Godmars29030d ago

How about a Metal Slug setting with Art of Fighting characters and mechanics? Boss fight with a mammoth tank, but able to block and reflect attacks, suplex or uppercut one, and win?

gangsta_red30d ago

Lol! They have something like that with the inclusion of the Ikari Warriors. They can do their KoF moves on enemies.

But I'm all for putting more fighters in Metal Slug. Write up a draft and I'll submit it.

Speaking of Ikari Warriors, how about a reboot of that game?

darthv7230d ago

I'd be down for a new ikari warriors

Godmars29030d ago

For the longest i hoped for a more developed side scrolling beat'em RPG based in the Guilty universe than a PSP title from ages ago.

Then I learned of a mobile game, and well, its a mobile game...

darthv7230d ago

Hell yes. Who wouldnt love a modern reboot of Metal Slug? Just don't make it 3D like that one for the PS2.

SickSinceSix30d ago

Was just playing Metal Slug X earlier this week. If they stuck to the 16-bit pixel art style, that would be awesome. One of my favorite game series ever since I first played Metal Slug 3 on an arcade machine

Cajun Chicken30d ago

I would love a metroidvania style Metal Slug or maybe a rogue-lite. But it HAS to keep the same core 2D artwork style, pixel or otherwise.

CanadianTurtle30d ago

I disagree with this. Metal Slug isn't that type of game. It has always been a side scroller shooter, and I think it should stay like that (at least the mainline series). For spin-offs, they can experiment with whatever they want.

PirosThe4th30d ago

I woild love a Metal Slug metroidvania.
It will still be sidescroller, but with exploration. Same mechanics.

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The story is too old to be commented.