5 graphical downgrades that put Marvel's Spider-Man and #Puddlegate to shame

For those that haven’t kept up with it, recently Marvel’s Spider-Man came under a little heat for something being referred to as #Puddlegate. The whole thing is ridiculous and centers around a freaking puddle that was shown in a trailer that moved places in the game’s full release.

KnowTechie breaks down five of the worst offenders:

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sammarshall1021345d ago

Spiderman is legit one of the best looking games I've seen

OpenGL1344d ago

It's seriously gorgeous, I've been alternating between my PS4 and PS4 Pro and it is amazing how good it looks on both machines.

1344d ago
Spartacus101344d ago

Have to agree. I have a PS4 slim and I wasn't expecting it to look as close to the PS4 pro gameplay.
The clarity and level of detail is amazing for a map that big, running on a PS4 slim.

ABizzel11344d ago

Watch Dogs was not a downgrade, they just showed us the remastered PS5 / XB4 / PC version releasing in 2020 - 2022, but they didn't want you guys to wait 10 years for it, so we got the current gen version. Just be patience lol.

WANNAGETHIGH1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

As the digital foundry video shows this game actually got better looking. Puddle gate was started by Xbox fanboys.

KickSpinFilter1344d ago

Xberts sure did, as they do with Every Sony exclusive.
Not only is there not a downgrade but they have even added more detail. The rebar within the cement has more detail in the release than it did in the E3 2017!

paintedgamer19841344d ago

Exactly, but in all fairness id be a little aggravated if i was an xbox dude that spent 500 on the X and games (gow/spider-man) on the base ps4 outshine everything on a 6tf console.

Imalwaysright1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I didn't need digital foundry to tell me that it was overall an upgrade in graphical fidelity. All I needed were my eyes.

Neonridr1345d ago

I would have to say Aliens: Colonial Marines might be the worst offender here since the game was just flat out awful. Killzone was more or less unintentional, as it was an in-house target video of what they hoped to achieve. Sony was silly and showed it off thus giving the impression of what the game looked like. Witcher 3 was still an amazing game downgrade or not, and even though the Division was stripped down a little, it was still an ok game. Watch Dogs is probably the one that takes the most flak because of how awesome the initial video looked. Game was meh, so I guess you could argue that one is the worst offender.

sammarshall1021345d ago

I would love if Killzone 2 was remade for the PS5

P_Bomb1345d ago

I wanna see Killzone graphics on a Resistance game.


Resistance 3 in particular

sammarshall1021344d ago

That sounds even better 👍

paintedgamer19841344d ago

KillZone 2 (PS3) still looks amazing in 2018... I cant even fathom what it would look like at 4k 60 😬😬

Spartacus101344d ago

The colours and filters were a big part of it. Same reason why the original resistance and first COD of that gen (COD4) looked so good. Then there was an unfortunate trend of making shooters more colourful, and all the graphics went to shit in MW2, KZ3, resistance 2. The games said 18+ but they looked like they were designed to appeal to 3+.

russo1211344d ago

I have very good memories of Killzone 2. If they remake it, i'll buy it, no doubt.

ClayRules20121344d ago

Spider-Man really is a beautiful looking game. I don’t even feel like I’ve really admired the visuals to its fullest extent yet, because I’m always swinging, and never really Stopping much to just roam around on foot (which who would, when the swinging is so silky smooth & a real joy haha)

It’s absolutely ridiculous how people starting claiming “Downgrade” over a darn puddle. Never seen anything like it. Can’t wait to see what other things people will come up with to claim downgrade next year for Days Gone, TLoU 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding lol.

Only to be proven wrong in the end, with improvements to these games visuals.

Why o why1344d ago

Some people just wish too hard. Once again they get egg on their faces.

madforaday1344d ago

The 2005 E3 trailer of Killzone 2 was AWFUL compared to the final version. Did the author actually take a look at that video!?

Kornholic1344d ago

I can't take anyone seriously who claims Killzone 2 was downgraded from the E3 demo.

madforaday1344d ago

I never understood how people can come to the conclusion that it was downgraded. I just think people forget about the actual footage from 2005. Since it was before the PS3, people were already stoked from the E3 footage being better than anything on the PS2. So when the game came out, that excitement faded a little bit.

I just don't get it, Killzone 2 was gorgeous and also a masterpiece. A little re work on the PvP, even though it was amazing could have been even better.

ClayRules20121344d ago

Agreed. Killzone 2’s final version was a technical marvel. Bloody hell, it was gorgeous.

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