The PlayStation Classic Is Missing One Huge Feature

It’s not analog controllers. It’s not working replica memory cards. It’s not even the lack of an included AC adapter just so you can run the damn thing straight out of the box. What the PlayStation Classic is missing is a huge opportunity: A seeming and total lack of PSN purchase integration, and furthermore, an omission of any kind of digital storefront to add software beyond the 20 included titles.

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PhoenixUp122d ago

If you actually had plenty of PS1 games purchased on PSN, why then would you buy this device? Just go play it on your PS3.

BlackRaven85_1120d ago

Some do it for collective reason.

Dabigsiebowski120d ago

I don't understand the downvotes. This little PS1 that contains all these ps1 games is awesome. You can bet even though I own the originals and even some on digital for portable reasons that I will still be buying this because I simply love the Brand and especially first gen ps1 and titles.

Gaming101120d ago

It's just a cash grab opportunity since Nintendo showed massive interest in its classic consoles, but the dual joysticks and online store allowing you to buy more games would have been nice, or at least the ability to stream with that useless Playstation Now with all its lag.

MrBeatdown120d ago (Edited 120d ago )


I have that. It's called a PlayStation TV.

- It connected to PSN.
- You could buy downloadable PS1 games.
- It could access PS Now.
- It worked with DualShocks
- It was $99

Nobody bought it.

Zjet120d ago


1. Its awesome

2. I can't get Tekken 3 on any PSN

3. Ridggggeeee Raceeeeeeeeeeeer

4. Its not $599 US dollars

5. Ridggggeeee Raceeeeeeeeeeer

steven83r120d ago

PS3 is still $599? Wait what year is it?

AspiringProGenji122d ago

Lol what? This is supposed to be a mini console preloaded with some of the best PS1 hits not a relaunch of the PS1

BlackRaven85_1120d ago

One of those features I've seen requested was the online store. Kinda makes sense. If you wanted more than the 20 pre-loaded games they gave you then go there and add more yourself. It would generate extra money for Sony, and any third-party developer that signed off on their games. You act like this has to strictly be just an PS1 but smaller sized. It doesn't have the PS1 parts inside of it. They could have one up'd Nintendo.

I wouldn't mind it. That would be a cool extra selling point.

rainslacker120d ago

Yeah, but now it's becoming an issue of what people expect from the system, and what Sony is actually offering.

I think people are looking at what this console is not, instead of what it actually is.

I think Sony did drop the ball, as they could have essentially just repackaged the pstv and made it much more versatile and make more money in the long run, but since they didn't do that, people should stop criticizing it as being something it was never intended to be.

steven83r120d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the Nintendo mini consoles also lack an online store? If so, what's with the criticism against only Sony?

Teflon02120d ago

Nintendo gets automatic passes when it comes to anything old or long living IPs. It's actually dumb. People cried about the price when the PSOne mini will require alot more memory, a stronger base etc. and it's $20 more like Snes was from Nes. Will still have 20 games. etc. Nintendo's was filled with games they'vehad buyable since Wii and no one brings none of these things up until Sony does it. It's actually dumb. I want it for the same reason I got the SNES, I can record it properly and using it like that gives about the most authentic experience you can get outside the real thing. I actually feel like I'm playing SNES with the Mini, so hoe for the same here

gangsta_red119d ago

Nintendo doesnt get a free pass and they were also criticised for bringing out the minis at a time where they weren't offering VC for Switch.

For some reason people forget these articles and gamers criticisms when those are applied to Sony. Too many people love pretending Sony is always the victim and Nintendo gets a pass. But then they don't mind the 10+ Switch online sux articles this very site receives.

Speaking of which, maybe gamers expect a little more evolution from Sony with their take on the mini console the same way they did with the Vita. Maybe because Sony has a great online network that maybe they could add a way to dl PS1 games to it from PSN.

Nothing wrong with gamers discussing this and it's better than pointing the finger at Nintendo and claiming "if they can do it why not Sony?!?"

It's always funny to see people tell others to stop criticizing sony but then go into other articles and do just that for other companies.

BlackRaven85_1118d ago

Teflon02 & steven83r You must be living under a rock, because Nintendo have been criticized for not having those features. You assume this is an attack on Sony when it isn't. Are you saying Sony shouldn't have better offerings than Nintendo?! They should! I didn't come out and say this shouldn't be made. I honestly think this and the announcement of PS1 Classic on PS4 would be dope.

Besides, I was merely stated what I've seen people requested, which is true. If you look at anything on Youtube, and other places since this was announced, that's one feature people wanted.

It just so happens I agree with them. Because not everyone wants to hack their systems for more games. Not everyone is going to keep playing the same 20 games without feeling bored. Options are good for everybody. I bet if Sony announced this officially you'd be jumping up and down. But since that didn't happen. You want to silence those that actually want to see Sony evolve and to be better than Nintendo.

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Tross120d ago

Where were these articles when we found out the NES and SNES Minis lack the ability to purchase games on VC? If that criticism applies to the PS1 Classic, it should apply universally to any system that lacks the same feature.

Z501120d ago

This is how you know people/media hold Sony and Nintendo to 2 different standards. It's so blatantly obvious lately.

rainslacker120d ago

I think in this case it's more about that the cool thing to write about now is anything negative towards Sony. This probably generates that most clicks for these sites, because people like to feed the trolls.

Hating on Nintendo only brings in the rabid Nintendo fans, and while there aren't a small number of those, most Nintendo fans aren't that rabid and their numbers is forums....or at least the ones that bother with sites like these, is nowhere near the number of Sony fans....combined with the rabid Xbox fans who are happy to jump on something negative about Sony.

basically, its easier to bait the console war between Sony and MS, and its only sometimes easy to bait Nintendo fans, as Nintendo fans haven't been as big in the console war for a while now. No offense to the Nintendo fans here though, it's just the history between MS and Sony has been stronger this past decade or so.

Teflon02120d ago

Yup especially when I hacked my SNES mini and see it still had 500mb of free space to add games. I added likee 15 more and 10 GBA titles and still have 300+mb lol. But they're going to always give Nintendo passes where no one else gets

Zjet120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

To add digital you would have to add networking functionality to it, which would hike the price up.

You have to remember this product isn't actually for the hardcore gamer, it's for the gift giving holiday season.

Its simple and clean and its exactly how it should be so any consumer, whether hardcore gamer, casual gamer to a returning nostalgic fan.

You start adding online functionality it hikes up the price but it also hikes up the complexity.

The average gamer like you and i can understand it easy, but you know there are regular gamers who don't know what digital stores are, what things like Xbox game pass are, some consumers don't realise all of the options that are available.

K.I.S.S my friend, simple features, show big benefits to consumers.

You know we are going to just get a PSone classic next year with analog sticks right?

Also hopefully Sony will get PS1 digital purchases onto PS4 eventually.

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