Did Spiderman Kill Infamous?

Has the success of Spider-Man has all but killed off Sony’s own superhero game: InFamous.

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masterfox29d ago

what ?, lol nobody killed nothing , each one of them are awesome in their respective way.

UltraNova28d ago

Exactly. Both IPs can co-exist simply because they are both in fully competent hands.

bouzebbal28d ago

OMG what a low level idea for an article.
These two IPs cannot be compared. We are dealing with a superhero against superhuman video games. in Infamous you go up in rank and you can either do good or bad. That's a very different approach to Spiderman.

wrap up and GTFO..

RedDevils28d ago

I know what killed. This blog writer has just kill any credibility they have left.

WANNAGETHIGH28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Speaking of infamous , can we spam sucker punch page on twitter demanding a new infamous game 🤷🏽‍♂️

UltraNova28d ago

Yes we should! But we are not getting one until mid next gen, after GoT 2 for sure. Unless they expand into two teams.

bouzebbal28d ago

They are working hard making Ghost of Tsushima. Not seeing it happening before a few years.
We can spam Sanzaru and ask for a new Sly game..they did an amazing job with Thieves in Time.. Sly is an ex Sucker Punch production.

Aura754128d ago

It boggles my mind that Infamous 1, 2, and Festival of Blood still have not been remastered.

badz14928d ago

both can co-exist. and I will buy both again on launch day because I know they will be AWESOME!

PhoenixUp29d ago

Did you really think Sucker Punch would make another after devoting so much time to Ghost of Tsushima? Their next game after it would’ve most likely been a sequel to GoT regardless of the success Spider-Man would’ve had.

BeardedDrachen29d ago

Spiderman didn’t kill Infamous... but it did do it better than Infamous.

DanteVFenris66628d ago

I’d disagree I still think infamous 2 is the best superhero game ever made

Is it better then second son? Definitely

AspiringProGenji28d ago

It still pains me how low Infamous 2 sold. That game was amazing and I actually like it more than Spiderman


The powers were awesome but left more to be desired in other areas.

CarlDechance28d ago

I prefer Spider-man to any of the Infamous games and I loved all of those.

-Foxtrot29d ago

One day I hope we get inFAMOUS 3 with Cole vs the Beast...Delsin

Perfect close to his trilogy if they did that

If Second Son was actually a Beast Origin story then that would be amazing.

Hardiman28d ago

I think that theory works well and hopefully one day we get it!

stefan_77128d ago

I'd prefer it the other way with Cole as the beast

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The story is too old to be commented.