It's official: New Samurai Spirits title will be called Samurai Shodown in the U.S.

Early last week SNK wowed the fighting game community with their big reveal of a new fighting title ...

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catalyst_nc32d ago

Keeping the tradition alive of having a different name outside of the USA.

gangsta_red32d ago

So glad to see SNK stepping up their graphics game. Would like to see them give KoF a similar treatment.

Smokehouse31d ago

Yeah it looks great, it reminds me of the modern street fighter style.

darthv7231d ago

Maybe after this, SNK can make the sequel to SvC Chaos people have been waiting for.

Veneno31d ago

Ita more realistic that SNK would produce tthis rather than Capcom. Capcom caters too much to the casual fighting game player. Snks entire fanbase is only hardcore niche fans. So I would have high hopes for that. We could even see that before the next mailine KoF!

godashram31d ago

Well, if SNK does it, it would be SvC as mentioned before. Capcom's iteration was CvS...
Would love for a followup to SvC Chaos.... and Namco's Namco vs Capcom that has just disappeared into thin air.

tulholdren31d ago

Very nice hope KoF is next.

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