PlayStation Classic: an ode to old-school gaming

JoeTooSlow from Button Bash Gamers talks about how fun it's going to be rediscovering the joys of the PlayStation 1 and Sony going back to its roots with the PlayStation Classic

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GetGamer_Danny31d ago

Marketable nostalgia is kind of a cool idea but you have to wonder what we'll be missing out on with such a limited selection. The ps1 had quite a long list of classics so I cant honestly see everyone being totally happy with the pre-selected collection.

Zeke6831d ago

Great read !
I hope they throw in a few platformers on it like Croc and I'll be happy. I have my original PS in the closet with a few games like Spyro, Crash and Metal Gear Solid so I would love a few less known gems tbh. :)