JRPG Conception Plus Announced Exclusively for PS4, First Trailer Revealed

Spike Chunsoft revealed the first trailer for their upcoming PS4 remake, Conception Plus: Please Give Birth to My Child.

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annoyedgamer125d ago

Conception? My mind is going of in alot of directions right now...

TastyTostada125d ago

Well the game IS exactly what you're thinking. It was actually a pretty fun, albeit weird game on the Vita.

From Conception II: "The protagonist possesses an extremely high amount of ether (aka magic sperm) in his body, which allows him to conceive Star Children (with female students through a dating sim process) to fight demons by 'classmating' with his other classmates. During battle, fighters can be strategically placed around the enemies, allowing players to either safely target weak points or charge head on for bigger rewards."

The dating sim part of it is pretty cringe worthy, but managing & utilizing the star children in battle is pretty fun. I took a risk w it on a deep sale & enjoy it, even if it weirds me out at times.

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Fist4achin125d ago

Definitely an obscure title. Sony has these few and far between that hardly get noticed, but they can be entertaining. There was a game released on ps2 where you're a mosquito.