Nintendo Switch Online NES Games Apparently Run On A Basic Emulator With Custom UI

It is possible to hack the NES emulator on Switch to play custom games online.

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King Nezz32d ago

Why are we just seeing Nes games if they can also release a "basic emulator" for Super Nintendo and N64?? Typical Nintendo. Slowly reeling us in on their time. Luckily for me I game on multiple platforms.

badz14931d ago

minimum effort, maximum profit. just like CoD

Segata31d ago

This is a non issue and some idiot wants to be mad for no reason. So they reuse the emu from the NES classic? So what? It works and be no point to make a new one for this service. It's a good one. It would only be an issue if it was a bad emulator like SEGA and Atgames which they are dropping thankfully.