Why Gamers Want More Freedom from Sony

Sony has been fielding complaints and, supposedly, evaluating its stance when it comes to the cross-platform play of multiplayer consoles. Basically, the company was trying to decide if it wanted to play nice with other services, so that their gamers could play with other gamers. The company has now formed an argument as to why cross-platform isn’t so much a PlayStation thing.

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UltraNova117d ago

Players want games from Sony and they get them, both in quantity and quality.

capjacksparrow117d ago

I want more games. I've never thought: "Hmmm, I really wish Sony would give me more freedom." The cool thing is, they're making those games. The Last of Us Part II is my most anticipated. Sony's stable of developers give me games from franchises that I've grown to love like GoW and Uncharted, and then they come out of left field with new IP that I can't resist, like the Last of Us and Horizon.

Thanks Sony, keep doing what you do! When you want to add crossplay, that's cool, but if you don't, that's fine too. Just give me those exclusives and make sure 3rd party keeps supporting your platform :)

bigmalky117d ago

With all the great single player games from Sony and Nintendo... I don't have the time or interest for online, never mind playing console wars over a headset.

Plus, online gaming is stale af at the minute and the negative attitude of publishers against consumers with nickel and diming doesn't help.

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The story is too old to be commented.