Pure Opinion: PlayStation Classic is a Middle Finger to Backwards Compatibility

Pure PlayStation: Fans of PlayStation have been clamouring for ways to play their classic games for a long time. We often look on in envy as the Xbox crowd enjoys Xbox 360 and original Xbox releases - all of which can be played without having to repurchase, providing you have the disc. It's something us PlayStation players have wanted since, well, since day one, really.

But now we're getting what we asked for, but instead of it being a move to keep players engaged and keep the fans happy, we're being sold an emulation machine dressed up as a PlayStation with 20 games that we may or may not like.

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PhoenixUp29d ago

That’s what I’ve been saying

I still buy some PS1 Classics on PS3, so I’m still miffed I can’t do that same on PS4 with the added features that PS2 Classics get on that system.

darthv7229d ago

It really is a shame that they dont let digital ps1 games work on ps4. I have several I play on psp, psv and ps3 and it sucks I cant play them on ps4.

Oh well.

KickSpinFilter28d ago

Perhaps it's incoming...
PlayStation Now: Full List of More Than 200 Downloadable PS2 And PS4 Games

Sono42128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Was it a middle finger to backwards compatibility when Nintendo did it? Or when Nintendo makes you purchase old games you've already purchased on other hardware over and over? Sony is truly scrutinized more than Nintendo. If Sony released the same online that Nintendo just launched for $20 a year, they would be repeatedly hammered. There was a knee jerk reaction right when they launched it 2 days ago, but the complaints have already boiled down to nothing. It's irritating to say but I feel like a lot of people are just going to settle and go "eh it's better then nothing and I didn't expect much anyway" Which is absolutely pathetic. Also Sony has always been backwards compatible up until the PS4. Now Nintendo is kinda similar with wii being able to play gamecube, and Wii U being able to play Wii games. But where is the Nintendo criticism? I haven't seen a single article complaining about lack of BC with the Switch. If anything I see a bunch of complaints that there is no virtual console, aka a way to buy a bunch of overpriced old games you probably already bought at some point. There are just so many double standards with Nintendo constantly getting a free pass.... must be nice.

SuperSonic9129d ago

That is what the PS Vita and PS TV are for.
My PSP and PS3 version of FF VII works perfectly on PS Vita.

Dabigsiebowski29d ago

I think Playstation consoles should play all Playstation Games atleast digitally on hardware with updated render techniques like on some PS1 PS2 and PS3 games and even PS4.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yep, Sony set a standard for BC, which they are now being criticized for not following on 1 system out of 5 console releases.

Guess Sony is reaping what they sowed by offering up BC for so long.

But now, given the sales of the PS4, they weren't wrong by saying that BC isn't really that important to the console. I think its nice to have though, but people do make way too big of a deal about it, and given how I've seen a lot of people talk about games in general, I have a feeling that many of them do not actually play older games as often as they pretend to, because they seem way too bitter towards anything old.

sinspirit29d ago

I think it has to do with licensing. They didn't license the games with the same mindset as a PC company. The licensing may have been console specific and not as interchangeable without another deal in place.

Concertoine29d ago

If the PS4 could read audio CD's then they could've let it emulate PS1 games no problem.

The xbox one, strangely enough, plays CD's.

agent453229d ago

Nope is pure greed. If licensing were an issue then Xbox gamers wouldn't be able to play their xbox games. Unless you are talking exclusives but even then is just pure greed.

sinspirit29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


Reading audio is a universal format. The type of disc isn't what the problem is. Consoles are a proprietary measurement. I don't know the legal side but they probably don't have the rights to just flip a switch for every new console to have access to them. Even if it were to benefit both parties. They made consoles much before future compatibility using software emulation was a thing. Both competitors that didn't think of it the same way as a PC company.

I'm pretty sure I'm stretching to understand any reason that they couldn't do emulation for the much older consoles.
It probably is for more money, but they would still make money off of having several more PS1/PS2 games on the store. So, is it really because of money?

NapalmSanctuary29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

When it comes to putting a ps1/ps2 disc in your ps4, licensing would be unnecessary.

sinspirit29d ago

License for music = producing it onto an album. Not counting digital distribution.
License for game console = produced and published for specific platform(s) depending on contract. Sometimes, a license for media in the game can be region specific, or possibly affect future publishing.

darthv7228d ago

PS4 was supposed to get audio CD playback but I guess Sony had a change of mind and wants people to use their streaming service instead.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Licensing is the issue. You can't just play any and all your 360 games on the X1. You need the publishers approval, and you need that approval because of licensing.

Sony could of course do something like MS and seek approval, but they choose not to for whatever reason.

Otherwise...what pure greed is keeping them from doing it?

Think of how much money they could make by taking their cut from the PS Store sales of all these old games that apparently billions of people seem to want to play, but obviously most people don't actually have their old games, so they'd end up buying them digitally.

Do people really think they are going to make anywhere near that amount on the PS Mini? We're talking potentially tens of millions a month by offering it up for digital downloads, compared to maybe $10 million in revenue, but lower profit margins for the Mini.

But greed is the obvious answer?


Licensing would indeed affect a phyical copy. When those games were licnesed to play on PS1/2, it was licensed to play on the PS1/2. It wasn't licensed to play on any console that Sony deemed it appropriate on. Sony can't sell the game to have it play on PS3 on their own whim.

This is the exact reason why MS needs publisher approval to have a game on their BC service.

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gravedigger29d ago

This product is nostalgic and it is for people who want it. That's the purpose of it. Surely you didn't said a word when NES and SNES mini were released.

PhoenixUp29d ago

@ grave

I shook my head when NES Classic and SNES Classic came out cuz Virtual Console is a better deal in my opinion. Why spend $60 & $80 on a collection I’m not going to enjoy every title in when I could spend the same amount on VC for titles I know I’ll enjoy?

I know it’s for retro afficianados, but to me it looks pointless when you see the other option on systems I already have.

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-Foxtrot29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It is don't get me wrong but what about Nintendo with the NES/SNES? They should have had a huge library of NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube games on their console since the Wii U considering how much in a pickle they were in with that, it's the least they could have done.

I mean they finally, FINALLY put Pokemon Snap on the Wii U then the Nintendo Switch was announced.

ImGumbyDammit29d ago

But, Nintendo never had their CEO come out and say no-one wants BC like what happened with the PS4. Andrew House said that it was not wanted by their players and has reiterated again by Layden. So, they are on record as saying BC has no point but yet they bring out a device that is all about BC. Money grab and pure BS on their previous statements! I understand companies want to make money and I am personally fine with that aspect, just not with the BS stance they have taken on this concerning the PS4 BC. (yes I get PS3 is not possible but PS, PS2 is) PS gamers should be pissed there is no reason anything on this retro device cannot be run through emulation on the current PS4.

rokkbrin29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

How is this product all about BC? this is clearly all about nostalgia and those who are willing to pay for it.

Apocalypse Shadow29d ago

He has to twist it to fit his narrative. Sony recognizes BC as they were the ones who started it. Not Microsoft. Not Nintendo. What they did notice though is that as new games showed up for your new system, consumers stopped playing the old games as much or at all. So, it works as launch feature to fill in until more new games show up. Not so much during the life of a console.

But making a mini has nothing to do with BC.Atari mini, Neo Geo mini, Nintendo minis, etc aren't about BC. It's as rokkbrin said, it's a nostalgia item.

lptmg29d ago

Apocalypse Shadow, the Atari 7800 and the Mega Drive had backwards compatibility with 2600 and Master System games, respectively, waaaaaaaaaaay before Sony did that with the PS2.

AspiringProGenji29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Who cares what suitmen have to say really? Allnof them from all companies talk a lot of shit. And how is the mini “all about BC?” It is just a mini retro console smh

agent453229d ago

Both Sony and Nintendo are dicks end of story

Realms28d ago

Talk about a straw man argument BC is great feature but in the middle of a generation when new games and Ip's are releasing it's not as important and the sales numbers don't lie many gamers want new games. There will always be a demographic that will want this feature but the vast majority doesn't care if they did Sony would hear about it.

Apocalypse Shadow28d ago


True. You're right that MD/G were compatible. But in America, I had to buy the converter to play Phantasy Star and Zillion on Genesis after I sold my Master system.

You couldn't just pop in the cartridge to play like I could pop a PS1 disc into PS2 or PS1 and PS2 discs on my Fat PS3 straight away.

And, I couldn't put any of my Sega Master system games or Genesis games in my Sega Saturn or in my Dreamcast.. So, not exactly the same. But I get what you're saying. Sony made that standard. Sega didn't.

Z50128d ago

This has nothing to do with BC. Stop it.

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Godmars29029d ago

Nintendo should have had the online infrastructure to make game libraries easily transferable from the Wii and Wii-U to Switch, but that's a pipe dream.

Much like getting TRUE BC.

NXFather29d ago

Your right but, it is funny and adds insult to injury that Sony would follow suit.

agent453229d ago

Despite the fact that Sony was able to pull off backwards compatibility for both PS2 and PS3. Then it got greedy

ZaWarudo29d ago

I said it with Nintendo, and i'll say it again with Sony: I would rather have these on the main console.

Also, more PS2 games would be nice.

29d ago
agent453229d ago

The fat PS3 ($600.00 plus tax version) is no longer sold. Only the Slim PS3 is available which lacks backward compatibility.

2pacalypsenow29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

You can get a super slim and play all the PS1 games.

And the fat PS3 is not $600.

Where not in 2006

King_Noctis29d ago

I’m sure you like hooking up 2 or 3 consoles to your tv at once. And I’m sure you are happy to pay for another console on top of the console that you already owned.

2pacalypsenow29d ago

Actually I have 9 consoles hooked up.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

At one point before I moved a couple years ago, I had 17 consoles hooked up to my TV. They were routed through a receiver which could covert analog inputs to HDMI out, and tons of HDMI inputs on top of that, and I had a couple switches to manage the older games. The PS3 was in that mix, and it covered three consoles, but if it wasn't fully BC, I would have had 19 consoles hooked up to my receiver.

Now, I'm not typical in terms of set up, but people that care so much about their old games do this regularly. These people that seem to complain about it so much now I don't even see revere older games enough to even consider them retro gamers, because apparently none of them seem to have any means to play these games without BC.....which defies logic if they actually care about them. I know tons of retro gamers, who are verifiable through actually seeing their collections and playing with them. Every single one of them has multiple consoles, and I know very few who care so much about BC that they would drone on about it for years, because most of them grew up not even expecting it, and when Sony first started it, they set a standard that only recently began to be adopted by others. Even Nintendo isn't bothering with BC anymore.

I wouldn't pay for this MIni to replace my PS1(or full BC PS3 in my case), because that would be completely asinine considering that it isn't even a full PS1 that can play my hundreds of games.

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