Midnight Club: Los Angeles is good fun...for adults

Globe & Mail reports that while Rockstar's new fantasy racer provides thrilling action, serious criminal overtones make it unsuitable for younger teens, which puts its ESRB rating in question. From the story:

"Obviously, parents are the best judges of the sort of entertainment that their children are capable of safely consuming, but the problem here is that many moms and dads have come to rely on ESRB ratings rather than actually try or watch the game themselves. They see a Teen rating affixed to a game and figure it must be fine and dandy for their eighth grader.

Perhaps this is just a case of a game slipping between the cracks of the current rating system. I'm not sure we need a new age bar to fill the gap between Teen and Mature games-the ESRB already has six categories (one more than the MPAA). However, it seems to me that the occasional and inevitable inadequacy of a rating system centred on immutable ages is worth calling out on the level of individual games."

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