Ultra Ninjas :PES2009 Review

Ultra Ninja Matt writes "The other day I was browsing through Facebook as you do, and came across one of my chums asking, via her status, what football game she should buy this year. What followed was a couple of hours of various exchanges of suggestions from people who didn't necessarily know each other, but the general gist was the same: if you like pretty graphics, get FIFA, if you like gameplay then Pro Evo is your bag. Now this is not strictly true these days of course what with EA having upped the bar considerably in the last couple of years, but footy fans and rabid Pro Evo fanboys (of which there are plenty, trust me, and I will address this later) still maintain that Konami have the edge when it comes to the footy part of the show."

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ninja_united3646d ago

he didnt review the most important part of the game, ONLINE, is there lag ???