Microsoft Demolishes Barriers, Builds Accessibility With The Xbox Adaptive Controller

COGconnected: We take a closer look at Microsoft's brand new controller the Adaptive Controller, designed to improve accessibility for all gamers.

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xX1NORM1Xx117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

its a real shame the industry around this controller is so predatory i saw a 3.5mm jack simple round button going for $60 alone i can't even fathom the kind of person that would push prices up in that kind of market...

SarsOxley117d ago

I totally agree with you but, the sad truth is that the entire accessibility industry is that way.
I'm not sure if it's that the user base is so small or that most of these sort of items are paid for with grants or by entities besides the user...I think it's a combo of both.
I work in IT at a school for the blind and several other disabilities so, I get to see it first hand all the time. Hell, a note taker with refreshable Braille display runs us $5000-$7000 and up until two years ago they ran off of Windows CE!!! Now they are on a 4 year old version of Android. All of those simple switches have always been priced that way :(.
On the bright side, these big tech companies are making HUGE strides recently, I would never use an iPhone but it's native accessibility features are amazing, Xbox and PS4 both have great accessibility features (I would totally enable the Zoom feature on PS4 and try it...I use it all the time now for reading stats in RPG games from across the room).
Then there is this controller, holy crap I can't wait to test it on a windows machine...if it can be made to interface with keyboard commands or typing outside of video games!!!!
For $99 even having to buy the disgustingly over priced switches, the on the fly customization for different users would be a game changer.
Ever since the PS2, I have stood very close to the fence but normally in Sony's yard...Microsoft deserves praise for this device even if it doesn't work the way I'm hoping it does!