PlayStation Classic Is Missing These Key Things

From PlayStation Universe: "PlayStation Classic, Sony’s new mini-console packed with PSOne games, is missing some key features. On the surface, the tiny PSOne replica looks to be the ideal stocking-filler for PlayStation fans seeking a nostalgic trip back to where it all began."

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gangsta_red29d ago

In all seriousness, they should just release these classics bundled on their PSN service.

It's pretty obvious that retro gaming is important which is why a lot of people requested BC. So it's odd to see the comment of BC not being a big deal when we now have these retro consoles being the rage.

JEECE29d ago

Yeah. Especially since the Nintendo consoles have a lot more of the "classic toy" feel; i.e. plenty of people who would never otherwise buy video games bought the NES/SNES classics just as novelties, but I see that happening a lot less here.

I get why ps3 games are a problem for BC (cell architecture, etc) but there's no good reason not to have full ps1/PS2 bc for discs on PS4, along with the release of digital classics.

AspiringProGenji29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

PS1 is also a classic so It will sell as well. I know I am getting one as a collectible and not much for retro games

TheUndertaker8529d ago

The PS4 doesn’t have a CD diode in its Blu-Ray drive thus would be unable to read PSOne discs which were produced on CD. PS2 you’d be correct on.

JEECE29d ago


Undoubtedly. It was the first console I owned, and now I've owned every PS device since (yes, even Vita). However, I think the Nintendo classics thus far work the nostalgia angle more for several reasons:
1) Universality of Mario
2) They are older (obviously this would work to the detriment of classic versions of more recent Nintendo consoles as well, I'm just talking about NES/SNES on this)
3) PS consoles have changed less. Each PS feels like a logical evolution of the prior system. Every PS console has used discs, and the controller has followed a straightforward evolution compared to Nintendo controllers. Thus older PS consoles just feel more like a weaker version of the thing you have, rather than something inherently different, whereas holding an NES controller is entirely different than holding a switch.

darthv7229d ago

I just want to know if they will release an even smaller PS One classic mini with a little external screen. That would be so cute to carry around.

rainslacker29d ago


The PS2 had some games on CD as well. The developer had the option to use CD's if they didn't need all the space. Early in the generation, it was still cheaper to produce CD's, so a lot of devs used CD's when they could. Bigger games obviously came on DVD though.

Granted for PS2 emulation, they could of course just say that only PS2 DVD games were compatible. That'd cover about 80% of the catalog.

JEECE29d ago


Interesting, I didn't realize that. I wonder how much $ that saves per console.

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firelogic29d ago

BC has nothing to do with these classic products. You can buy NES and SNES games on the WiiU and presumably on the Switch. People still went nuts for the classic consoles because they wanted mini hardware loaded with games. It's a different feeling than booting up your Switch to play the same titles.

Even if the PS4 had PS1 BC, they'd still sell a ton of these because it's a cool gadget to have.

gangsta_red29d ago

"You can buy NES and SNES games on the WiiU and presumably on the Switch."

Yeah, because the WiiU was such a hit and sold gangbusters. And Nintendo is using their classics to promote their online service. So it really does seem a lot of companies are using classics as some sort of hostage to get paying customers instead of just offering a BC option.

"Even if the PS4 had PS1 BC, they'd still sell a ton of these because it's a cool gadget to have."

Not really sure if this is true, especially since it's not available to actually test that theory.

There really is no excuse for the PS4 to not even have the ability to play PS1 games and to suggest that a PS1 classic would sell furthers my point on how necessary BC and classic gaming is to a lot of gamers.

firelogic29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

BC and this product have nothing to do with each other. Sure the WiiU didn't sell well, but the Wii did. You can get NES games on there and maybe SNES games? The 3DS sold incredibly well and you can get NES games there and I think SNES games on the N3DS. DS you could get NES games too, also sold extremely well.

This is a novelty product and yes I can guarantee it'll sell millions.

I find it difficult to understand why people think buying FFVII, Wild Arms, et all on PSN to play on PS4 would be the same thing as having an actual mini PS1 to hold and look at it and collect with 20 games in it. The whole point is to have this official physical piece of hardware. Why do people buy limited edition versions of hardware? It's exactly the same as the cheaper original version except for a different colored plastic shell.

I can play all the NES and SNES classics on any number of Nintendo hardware, some are even portable. That doesn't detract from wanting a miniaturized version of a console I have fond memories for as a kid.

Like I said before, if you don't understand why these kinds of products are appealing, you weren't the target market anyway so just move on with your day.

gangsta_red29d ago

"BC and this product have nothing to do with each other."

Has everything to do with my point. Even if this is a novelty product it's a product that you have to buy instead of having another option of playing these older games on the PS4.

And it's especially telling to see people be excited and want this but then downplay the importance of BC or retro gaming.

The fact that you say this will sell millions only solidifies why people love to play classics even on thier shiny new HD consoles.

And for novelty reasons, sure, I get it, but Sony should also provide these games bundled on a more than capable console and service or just allow people to play PS1 games on the PS4. They obviously have emulators I place to do this.

But then again Jim Ryan did say this...


jznrpg29d ago

@gangstared Vita plays them and so does Vita TV , they are plenty capable of playing PS1 games . If you really want them you can get them .

Retroman29d ago

Could it be possible people went Nuts for something different than open world military games??

KillBill29d ago

When CEO of Sony says the reason they aren't doing BC is because nobody wants to play old games, well then it does have everything to do with BC. You can't say on one side that gamers don't want to play the ugly old games and then turn around and sell a new system that is all about people using it to play those ugly old games.

ShadowWolf71229d ago

@KillBill Jim Ryan is not the CEO of Sony and is a bit notorious for injecting his personal opinion into talks of company policy.

IamTylerDurden128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Gangster is way off. I agree with logic. This isn't a political issue, it's a nostalgic, classic console for people to buy during the holidays if they so choose. Would full BC on PS4 be great? Yes. Would better first party games on Xbox be good? Sure. This isn't about that, it's a fun item for people who want it. That's all. Did we put Nintendo through the ringer for doing this twice? No. Nintendo classic consoles sell and it has little to do with the availability or lack of availability of NES/SNES games on Wii U and Switch.

IamTylerDurden128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I like how the writer thinks 20 games isn't enough while the SNES classic has the same exact number of games.

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Cohagen42029d ago

I bought Wild Arms on the ps store, its not about bc, its the nostalgia of the console that does the selling.

travestyj29d ago

People aren't going to buy these because they really want to play old games, there are dozens of devices that do this already. It's a novelty item that will because it looks like a retro console. It will likely end up like most retro consoles which are played for a few weeks than put on a shelf.

MrBeatdown28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Exactly. There's no shortage of ways to play PS1 games.

If you have a collection of Ps1 games, odds are you have a PS1, PS2, or PS3 laying around too.

Plenty of people are going to get this for the same reason I am... It's a cool little toy with the original controllers. Not because it's our only option for BC.

micdagoat1929d ago

@TheUndertaker85 PS4 can't play cd's? I never realized that

rainslacker29d ago

I think its a matter of just how much of a big deal it is. There are going to be people that want it, but making a system that can do it across the board with hardware inclusion to add to the cost may not be worth it.

However, I think Sony should have long ago, if not at launch, offered up a emulation BC for their digital titles.

zivtheawesome29d ago

"In all seriousness, they should just release these classics bundled on their PSN service. " they tried with PS2 games, nobody bought them though...

SolidGamerX28d ago

Maybe its the mini retro consoles themselves that's the rage and not so much the games but good effort to try to use this to bolster your BC argument.

IamTylerDurden128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The physical classic console running 1st generation games is vastly different than BC on the PS4. People buy these classic consoles largely for the novelty and nostalgia. Owning the mini replica console is at least half the reason people buy it. This is a collector/nostalgia item. Nintendo gets all love for this, it's a fun item, don't make this political.

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lptmg29d ago

y'know... this is VERY cool and all, but being able to play PS1 games on the Vita on-the-go is still a bit more appealing

TekoIie29d ago

Vastly more appealing once you mention a few PS2 games as well.

Shiken28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Honestly, I would rather have a cheap PS1 Classic and PS2 classic with no games on it and a swappable hard drive. Give the them their own separate PSN store servers and put all games on it digitally priced similar to how they are now.

They would make a killing in the long run, retro gaming would be preserved, and I feel this would please most fans.

Hell they can even make portable versions of the classic consoles as well if they want to ditch the VITA name. The tech is there and it is dirt cheap these days.

I dunno this just seems like a way better option than what any of the big three are trying right now.

Casepb29d ago

For the power adapter I'm pretty sure you can just use any regular USB one that plugs into an outlet. I have at least 5 of those just in a junk drawer.

Gh05t29d ago

Still seems super cheap and greedy of them to not include a way to plug it into a standard power outlet.

lptmg29d ago

doesn't make this less cheap, making an outlet of those can't cost much more than a buck or two in China

Neonridr29d ago

it's true, but if Nintendo had done it it would have been the end of the world :P

LemonSlice29d ago

Well nintendo actually do that already lol

they even did it with the 3DS!

Neonridr29d ago

@LemonSlice - yeah the New 3DS and the SNES Classic. Fortunately those retro consoles could be plugged into the USB port of your TV if you have one. So hopefully the same should ring true here.

Matrix629d ago

The article states that Sony will be selling the AC Adapter separately, I’ve not seen any news of that from Sony at all.

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neutralgamer199229d ago

Just please have long controller cords or wireless. Haters gonna hate over 100 million gamers bought ps1 so easily 5 million will buy this

And Nintendo didn't start this trend neo geo did keep up with facts

Gh05t29d ago

Yeah I remember all the articles about the NEO GEO being sold out and everyone wanting them. I went to all my friends houses and they had them. Those things were so "trendy" it was all over the news... Oh wait... I dont think you understand what trend means.

Neonridr29d ago

neo geo sold very few of their original. Now the new Neo Geo Mini is a direct result of Nintendo making the retro consoles desirable.

ShadowWolf71229d ago

Atari was making Atari Flashback systems back in 2004.

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PurpHerbison29d ago

Selling an AC adapter separately? Very Nintendo of you!

Anyway, the thing only has HDMI and these games were meant to be played on CRT TVs.

firelogic29d ago

Who has a CRT laying around these days? Weird thing to complain about.

PurpHerbison29d ago

I have two specifically for retro games. One for my actual retro consoles and one for my raspberry pi.

darthv7229d ago

I'd bet a lot of people do. Especially if they are into classic gaming with scanlines.

32" sony wega CRT for anything og xbox and older.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'd assume if you have a crt tv for such a thing, your probably dedicated enough to retro gaming to have a console that will hook up to them.

If it's really important to you though, you can buy a in line converter for about 10 bucks. I can't fault Sony for not including a tuner in the system when crt tvs are extremely rare nowadays

Neonridr29d ago

hopefully, like the NES and SNES classic, the USB can just plug into the TV. Newer TV's have powered USB ports which might suffice.

ImGumbyDammit29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Just another type of micro-transaction.

Laying around? What type of excuse is that? Even devices costing $10 come with a 50 cent USB cord. And if all devices (which seem to be happening more and more) do this (e.g. printers) at some point those cords (we all supposedly have laying around) will not be laying around any longer because we will be using for all the devices that no longer have them included. This is just a cheap move, plain and simple. And just because Nintendo did it with one of their devices does not make it right either. Jump off the bridge scenario

ShadowWolf71229d ago

How is it "another type of microtransaction" if it doesn't use a proprietary cable? It uses a USB to charge.