All Cloud Save Supported Games for Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Online went live just a few hours ago and now we have a list of games that support the Cloud save feature. Read to know more.

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SegaGamer31d ago

So, out of 1449 games, only 31 games will have cloud save support at launch.......I know they said not every game would support it, but this is pitiful. Seeing as they are forcing people to pay for their subscription to use it at all, the very least they could do is have every game support cloud saving.

I'm honestly struggling to see how this subscription offers anything to a gamer and isn't just an easy way for Nintendo to make money. There is almost no effort to make it appealing. It's mostly just free stuff locked behind a paywall.

ZeekQuattro31d ago

Most games support the cloud feature outside of the ones Nintendo already said wont have it. More than likely that's just a list of games the author owns. Every Neo Geo game I have supports it including arcade ports from other studios. The Mega Man and X collections, RE Revelations games, Sonic Forces. Shaq Fu, Jydge, Doom, Mr. Shifty, Mercenaries Saga Collection, Mighty Gunvolt, Romancing Saga 2, Blaster Master, Kamiko, Earth Wars, Steam World games, FE/Hyrule Warriors, Lone Wolf, Manitcore, Curse of the Moon, Into the Breach, Wolfenstein 2 and Xenoverse 2 also support cloud saves to name a few. I could go on but I don't feel like listing every game I backed up.

FallenAngel198431d ago

It’s still sad a list like this has to exist in the first place

Cloud saves should be enabled for every game like it is on every other system

Critic4l_Strik331d ago

Why is Nintendo so behind and against consumer friendly support??? I love my switch but c'mon...wth nintendo?