New DLC for HVB Fans

Playstation.Blog: Hello everyone! Team RamRod is here again this week to introduce some new High Velocity Bowling (HVB) goodness. I know it's gonna be tough to compete with last week's release of the FREE HVB Online Play update in North America, but we have more great news for our fans here in the States. To all our fans in Europe who are waiting for the online action and new content, please know that we are working as fast as we can to release it to you as well.
Anyone that has played HVB knows that it is filled with an eccentric mix of characters and bowling alleys. Joe and Jill might be your average family playing in a common setting, but it's not everyday you can mix it up on the lanes with a biker who wants to be a Viking. Most of you know that HVB hasn't had any new faces in the neighborhood for quite a while, so without further delay, I am proud to introduce everyone to our newest bowlers, Foxy Powers and Chastity Falls!

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WINZLOW3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

meepmoopmeep and Nineball2112. i bought this game long before it received the online patch.

now this content looks awesome!!! that spider web looking like bowling ball looks sick!! too bad its not an A plus ball

it brought a smile to my face when i saw the trailer park and a futuristic bowling alley.

i look forward to buying all the content for this game for it is worth every penny. this game is non stop fun and keeps me coming back for more with battling clan mates.

thanx again meep your the best!! bubbles if you post

one last thing i will say is that i think this is the best and cheapest priced PSN game yet!!!!!

$10.00 USD

Custom Soundtracks in single player

Trophy Support

Mic Support

Plenty of DLC Support

LiquifiedArt3699d ago

Perfectly worth 10$. The Online made this game a Keeper.

JEDIaNIN3699d ago

Has anyone else had this problem?