Capcom Cancels Several Development Projects At Vancouver Studio

Capcom announced that it expects to record losses from the termination of development projects at its Capcom Game Studio Vancouver.

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uptownsoul33d ago

Looks like any Dead Rising games that may have been in development are now cancelled

Magic_Spatula33d ago

Meh, they weren't all that great after the second one and it's DLCs. 3 was okay. I did not like 4 at all. #notmyfrank

Apocalypse Shadow33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Wasted their time and resources on this (not funny) horror series when they should have rebuilt RE Outbreak for this Gen.

They could have built an actual Racoon City like The Division and randomly generated where survival items are, where zombies are inside and outside the buildings and had you trying to escape and survive. Not just from zombies but also extermination from The Umbrella Security Service.

With rain, some areas dark because of loss of power, car fires, lamp lights flickering, randomly chased by a tyrant or lickers,hunters,etc. But nope. Too much time and money spent on dead rising.

Or, they could have actually finished deep down. But it's too late as the PS4 exclusive Project Awakening that will be at the Tokyo Game Show will replace it.

Capcom needs to do better or ask Platinum Games for help making some of their games like when they were Clover Studios and Seeds Inc/Odd.

Atomicjuicer33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I only played the first dead rising (and liked it, although I found it a bit too hard for my personal tastes) but the newer games featured unlikeable characters.

A common problem these days.

The characters should have heart. Instead, they’re selfish and nasty.

shuvam0933d ago

In the yester years, they used to hand over development of established franchises to external studios...
Now that seems to have changed...

FernDiggidy33d ago

Capcom....give us a new Viewtiful Joe.

Please and thank you.

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