Article: DC and Xbox, Would it work?

Will writes: "With all the hype surrounding the releases of Spiderman on Playstation, bundled with the few rumours I’ve noticed regarding a possible DC exclusive for the Xbox. It got me to thinking, could Microsoft partner with DC to take on Sony and Marvel and if so what characters could carry a game?"

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FallenAngel19841721d ago

“It got me to thinking, could Microsoft partner with DC to take on Sony and Marvel and if so what characters could carry a game?”

No that can’t happen on so many levels.

- With the exception of Telltale Games, Warner Bros Interactive publishes all DC related games these days, and they don’t do exclusive games. That’s in contrast to the Marvel license that’s available to any publisher willing to apply for it.

- Take on Marvel how? Sony is only making this Spider-Man game which could turn into a series. Every other Marvel game is still arriving on Xbox One next year, so it’s not like Microsoft has to feel that threatened to compete with a licensing deal of their own.

- Warner Bros Interactive in general seems to have an issue making standalone AAA games featuring DC characters that aren’t related to Batman. Most of the DC games they do publish are crossovers or star Batman, with the exception of Wolf Among Us but that’s published by Telltale. If they do make such a title, it’s doubtful they’d gamble on it being an Xbox exclusive. Only reason this Spider-Man game exists is because Marvel was impressed by Sony’s first party output and wanted a game of their own to get a similar treatment. WBI in comparison has no reason to want Microsoft to handle one of their properties, especially when looking at their current output thus far this year.

ApocalypseShadow1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Why waste an opinion on this? It wouldn't happen this Gen anyway.

Anyone remember this?
Yeah. They COULD have had a marvel game a long time ago. But canceled it just like True Fantasy Live Online.

Just be happy that Sony let go of Sony Online Entertainment/ Daybreak Game Company and DC Online is on there and let it go. What's also funny is that DC online is a free to play game that requires xbox live and doesn't cross play with PC like it does on PS3,PS4 and PC. Shouldn't free to play be free? Shouldn't xbox fans speak up about this cross play title that's been on there for months?

Want a super hero game now? Go out and buy Spider-Man. Oh. You may need a PS4 to go with it though.

firelogic1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

DC is already getting their asses kicked with the movies. They aren't going to partner with MS exclusively. Then again, maybe they would since they have zero direction at the top.

jairusmonillas1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

No one would partner with a console who keeps on losing. see what happened to how Fortnite completely destroyed Xbox console exclusive PUBG. lol

Tross1720d ago

This isn't an issue of DC vs Marvel though, and there are many multiplat Marvel titles too. Also, I'm pretty sure WB will stick to multiplats especially given how much larger the PS4 install base is. This is a case of Sony securing yet another great exclusive that will more than likely turn into a series. This is a case of MS not putting their money into what actually matters this gen, while Sony is, which is games, and also selecting the right studios to make those games.

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