'Black Ops 4' Studio Says Its Battle Royale Map Will Evolve Like 'Fortnite'

Treyarch co-studio head, Dan Bunting, says the team is also open to new maps.

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Nothing like a full-priced fortnite with no single player story. Either I am stupid or developers brilliant

FITgamer34d ago

You get more than just a BR game and it's one of the best BR games I've played. They did a great job with it.

naruga34d ago

COD will never be like PUBG or FOrtnite ...just because it isnt 3rd ....they dont understand how much importance has the 3rd person perspective in FOrtnite /Pubg success

Lionsguard34d ago

$60 barrier will prevent (at least some) annoying kids from trashing the game. It'll happen anyway eventually but still.

81BX34d ago

Well... it's not the 2nd option.

AizenSosuke34d ago

Basically a rip-off, optimized H1Z1 BR clone with more players, and zombie BR okay. I'll wait till a price-drop.

AK9134d ago

They should just drop BO4 and call it COD: Blackout or hell even just Blackout and release it in the same model as Fortnite/PUBG they would make a hell of a lot more money why they insist on releasing the game at $60 when the only true appeal is Blackout is beyond me.

Unreal0134d ago

Zombies has a huge following actually.

MrsNesbitt34d ago

I'm pretty excited about this. Personally, I do enjoy how Fortnite's map changes and keeps it fresh so it will be nice to have this feature in a game, where it's less 'cartoony'.

Kosic34d ago

I liked the look of the battle royale in cod. But you die rather quickly and games can last 2-5 minutes for most players.
Add a respawn option (5-10 lives each). It's a shame such a large map is used for a small duration of time.