9 game franchises that need reviving

Gary Bailey: "Whether it be due to the last game not doing the numbers, or to some strange goings on within the studios involved, you have to wonder why these franchises have seemingly been shelved for good."

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Spurg968d ago

Prefect dark
Parasite Eve
Breath of fire
Silent hill
Prince of Persia

DedicatedDark968d ago

Give me my damn sequel to PoP 2008 already.

OB1Biker968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

I really liked the 3 ps2 games and of course the original I played on PC.
What I'd really like is a more grounded experience, a sort of reboot like GOW.

Some of the traps you got to go through in GOW gave me some Pop nostalgia. :)

cegonodefo968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

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Sciurus_vulgaris968d ago

Perfect Dark
Ninja Gaiden
Sly Cooper

- I fully expect Timesplitters to comeback, either through BC, remasters or a new title due to the op being sold recently.
- I have some confidence of Perfect Dark being rebooting due to all leaks and rumours from earlier this year.

Fist4achin968d ago

The hard part is that a few of the games mentioned are under Konami and they pretty much suck. Sad that we haven't seen a good Castlevania or silent hill in a while.

Valve as a game developer also sucks.

MWH968d ago

And many more, but i'd sacrifice a soul for another legacy of kain.

sammarshall102968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

Legacy of Kain
Silent Hill
Lost Odyssey
Heavenly Sword
Alan Wake
Dead Space

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