CultureJam – Limited Edition Hardware

Brian and Ben debate whether Limited Edition consoles are Cool Gear, or Cynical Gimmick?

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CarlDechance1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Yeah, I bought the Spider-man Limited Edition PS4 Pro eventhough I already had a PS4 Pro. So what? I wanted it. It is one kick-ass looking console. And it truly is "limited". You can't it anywhere in the US now. But it is my money either way.

If you are going to bitch about "limited editions" then how about the Xbox One X Project Scorpio. That "limited edition" is still available at GameStop 10 months after it released. Folks laid down some good money thinking they were getting something unique and rare. Not so much.

v_eno_m1608d ago

agreed, <3 my Spidey pro console.

Fist4achin1607d ago

Does it play games? If so, great!

I look at it like cars, people like what they like. Ultimately, it gets them where they want or need to be, but some prefer a look, shape, or function and that what they go for.