Week 6: 360 Tops PS3 in Japan

The Xbox 360 has outsold the PlayStation 3 for the sixth week in Japan. It's happened so often now that it's not even funny anymore. For the week ending October 17 the PS3 sits at the bottom of the chart.

Here's the full sales list:

PSP - 156000
DS - 34000
Wii - 25000
PS2 - 7800
360 - 6000
PS3 - 4800

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morganfell3743d ago

Hmmm, so was it not hilarious all the months prior when the PS3 outsold the 360? And in the very very near future when the PS3 rolls over the 360 again will it once again be a cause for laughing?

badkolo3743d ago

yeah it will be, becuase th eps3 should be trampling the 360 and its not. we never expected the 360 to penetrate the japanese market but with the rpg's coming it will continue, but i do agree ps3 will start selling once the new bundles arrive.

BIoodmask3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I give props to Microsoft for continuing to try and push for sales in Japan. They have done a good job in puting together a games portfolio that caters well to an Eastern demographic.

The price cut in Japan was also a wise decision. Nintendo and Sony will most likely always have larger brand recognition in Japan but at least the consumers are starting to take a bit of a notice. Although Japan seems to be more focused on handhelds than anything else. The new PSP has really taken off.

theKiller3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

but this time i do, MS deserves the better sales than ps3, they tried very hard and now they can smile for some moments.

but also sales of ps3 is going down is normal, who would like to buy ps3 while if he/she waits for 1 weeks can get it with the game if this generation LittleBigPlanet??? those who buy ps3 now r the ones who have no idea or news about LBP!! in other words everybody is holding their money for LBP bundle

NOTE: notice i didnt say good sales because its only ps3 that is going down!!

TruthbeTold3743d ago

It is interesting and all that this is happening, but since it is week 6 of this, and we're consistently talking about a measly 1000 console difference or so, who really gives a damn? I mean, the fact that both PS3 and Xbox 360 are being outsold by the PS2 every week says alot more than which HD console beats the other by some negligible amount does.

duarteq3743d ago

Xbox 360 - 7,763 [185,745]
PlayStation 3 - 5,734 [642,803]

Let's do some math


This is the total sells until now.

Seems that PS3 is in good wealth relatively to Xbox360...
For those u disagree check it at Just do the maths...

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