Catherine: Full Body Gets New Screenshots Showing Waifus, Difficulty Levels, and More on Famitsu

A lot of new images of Catherine: Full Body show the three heroines, multiplayer, and the levels of difficulty to customize your experience.

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Dragonscale62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Oooh another Catherine game. Mmmmmmm. Oops my bad its a remaster.

Abriael62d ago

it's a remake with a ton of added content.

TakeABreakGamers62d ago

Do you not learn to research before you say something? I guess not! ;)

FallenAngel198462d ago

I’m very interested in knowing what the third option embodied by Rin will symbolize

Xenial62d ago

Ive been looking forward to playing this once again! Very excited it's returning, with new content as well!

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