Game Focus: Yakuza 2 Review

Game Focus writes: "For PS2 owners, there hasn't been much to cheer about lately. Receiving ports and limp originals with the rarest of exceptions, it's nice to see that Sega has seen fit to release what may just be the best brawler released in quite some time. Yakuza 2 has finally hit North American shores and it certainly was worth the wait. From the first instance that you put the disc in, to the final minutes of the last battle, Sega has made Yakuza 2 a fitting swansong for the series' run on the Playstation 2."


+ Intense story will keep you on the edge of your seat.
+ Excellent production values.
+ Voice-acting is awesome (even if it is in Japanese).
+ 96 ways to deliver the final blow to an opponent.
+ Tiger fight scene. Seriously.


- Audio can be a bit bland in some areas.
- Same goes for interiors of buildings.
- Subtitles may turn some gamers off.
- Context sensitive areas not implemented well enough.

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