Yakuza's Main City, Kamurocho, Is a Character In and Of Itself

There are plenty of memorable locations in video games, places we love exploring and spending time in. Whether it’s Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda or The Citadel in Mass Effect, so many games fill us with memories of their wondrous locales. Despite this fact, rarely do we see a game series that truly shows a location evolving and changing. This is something that the Yakuza series does an exceptionally good job of, and its main city Kamurocho is as important to to the franchise as its main character, Kazuma Kiryu.

Ever since the first Yakuza game’s original release in 2005, we’ve been exploring Kamurocho as the main location in almost every single Yakuza game. For those who might not be aware, Kamurocho is actually based on the real red-light district of Tokyo, Kabuki-cho. The city in the Yakuza games is painstakingly modeled after Kabuki-cho, with different building names and changes to the layout, of course. Still, the similarities are striking and there are some impressive videos you can find detailing that fact.

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