With Spider-Man's success, Microsoft needs a Marvel Deal

Spider-Man is a massive hit for Sony and PS4. With the success of the iconic hero's extraordinary adventure, it got one writer thinking that Microsoft should step into the ring and make a deal with Marvel to bring a popular hero from the brand to Xbox One.

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Godmars29089d ago

Din't they have a Marvel deal? A Kinect game that never happened?

blitz062388d ago

You can bet if they get a new deal it'll be littered with online components and microtransactions

UltraNova88d ago

Given MS's 1st party track record I cant see Disney making a deal with them.

VenomUK88d ago

She-Hulk would be perfect for Xbox. They are both green.

bouzebbal88d ago

They have kinesthetic Disney adventures.. Not enough to get the license, see how many years it took before we got a decent spiderman and batman games

SuperSonic9188d ago

What's that Disney Star Wars Kinect game?

Ceaser985736188d ago

But then why would Marvel do a deal with MS?? I mean first their user base is low and secondly what does Marvel get ?? Unless MS wants to burn money..Spiderman PS4 happened because of the Movie deal...

Godmars29088d ago

Why? In light of Spiderman reviewing and selling so well some of their hardened internet fans think it would be a great idea.

UltraNova88d ago

Fact is after the resounding success that is Spiderman PS4, if Disney has any sense they'll sign a multiple title deal with Sony.

FallenAngel198488d ago

This Spider-Man game has nothing to do with the MCU. It started development in 2014, same year when Sony was still announcing plans for their TASM film universe.

The deal to put Spider-Man in the MCU happened in 2015, an entire year after this Spider-Man game already began development

Ceaser985736188d ago

Fallen angle actually No Spiderman Deal with Marvel and Sony was going on since a long time.. A business deal does take a lot of time. I remember this very well because i heard a rumor when i was doing my Master and that was 2012 .. Marvel wanted to cast Spiderman in their movie since a long time and finally the deal took place and Civil war happened in 2016 .. So exactly i cant say when the deal took place.
And it was already said that Sony and Marvel was looking for a studio to make a game on any marvel super heroes of their choice and when Sony approached Insomniac they chose Spiderman.

mkis00788d ago

Ya it doesnt make sense from Marvel's position. Sony has the biggest install base and the most players who enjoy single-player. A deal that gives MS a title would only help MS...and that is if it was successful.

Sitdown88d ago

I'm always intrigued about how the information is changed to bash Microsoft. When there is an exclusive I hear people say, I don't need an Xbox, I can just play it on PC. But now in this thread, the PC audience is not considered, so Microsoft shouldn't get a game because the install base is too small. It's sad how much some of you all need Microsoft not to succeed in order to find pleasure in life. With that being saild, Microsoft doesn't need a Marvel game, they just need good games.(period)

CorndogBurglar88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You just contradicted your whole point.

Yes. They approached Insomniac and gave them the choice to make a game based on any Marvel character they wanted. Insomniac chose Spider-Man.

If it had anything to do with the MCU deal, then it wouldn't have been a choice. It would have been, "Hey. Do you want to make a Spider-Man game?"

They chose Spidey for obvious reasons. He's easily in the top 3 of the most famous superheroes in the entire world. (Batman, Superman, Spider-Man). If you are making a brand new game franchise of superheroes it makes sense to start with the most popular to help with sales. Then, once that is successful you can look toward other characters if you want. Or just make sequels of Spidey.

As for the Marvel / Sony deal. Yeah. Negotiations were happening earlier than 2014. In the sense that Marvel is always asking for ways to use characters that Fox and Sony owned the movie rights to. They also asked Fox multiple times to use some of their characters.

But the fact of the matter is that back in 2012 Sony was still working on the Amazing Spider-Man films. Not knowing if they would be well received or not. So why would they be considering a deal with Marvel when they are still making their own Spider-Man films? That doesn't make sense. It wasn't until Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out and under performed that Sony realized they just put out 3 mediocre at best Spider-Man films in a row that made far less money than they know they should be able to make with one of the most popular heroes in the world that they started serious negotiations with Marvel.

Amazing Spider-Man came out in 2012 which means they were working on it much earlier. Amazing Spidey 2 came out in 2014. Which means that Sony clearly had no intentions of making a movie deal with Marvel until after that because they would have wanted to see how well their Amazing Spidey movies were going to do first

Godmars29088d ago

They already have a deal with Square. Sadly.

v_eno_m88d ago


"Spiderman PS4 happened because of the Movie deal"

The movie rights and the video game rights are two totally separate entities.

Ceaser985736187d ago

v eno

"The movie rights and the video game rights are two totally separate entities."
I know but Marvel sold their Spiderman Movie rights to Sony and at present Marvel is using Spiderman and hence! Sony wanted the Spiderman game to be exclusive.. This has been all over the news and its Old..

Flewid63887d ago

There have been multiple videos of Insomniac explaining how this happened.....and it has zero to do with the movie deal. Let me know if you need a link to the interviews. One is with Ted Price, the other is with Bryan Intihar.

CorndogBurglar87d ago

"The movie rights and the video game rights are two totally separate entities." 
I know but Marvel sold their Spiderman Movie rights to Sony and at present Marvel is using Spiderman and hence! Sony wanted the Spiderman game to be exclusive.. This has been all over the news and its Old.."

This Spider-Man video game started development in 2014. Which means the deal to start making it would have happened even earlier in 2014, maybe even 2013.

The deal for Marvel to start using Spider-Man in their MCU films happened in 2015.

This means that Sony was still making their Amazing Spider-Man films at the time this video game deal would have gone down.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 released in 2014. It wasn't until it underperformed financially that Sony decided to go forward with a deal to let Marvel use Spidey in their films. Mostly because they had just released 3 Spider-Man film in a row (Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2) that were not liked very much by fans and critics, and 2 of those were financial disappointments. So Sony decided to let Marvel use him so they could get more money from Spider-Man films. would the MCU deal in 2015 play any part in this game being a PS4 exclusive when this deal would have happened AT LEAST 1 year earlier. At the time the video game deal happened Sony had no intentions of letting Marvel use Spider-Man in their films because they were still busy making their own Spidey films.

PhoenixUp87d ago

@ Caesar

You still don’t get it.

1.) Marvel came to Sony, not the other way around, to make a game using one of their properties and treat it with the same quality that Sony would with their first party titles. They didn’t specify which one. The game is exclusive because it was designed to be a first party title, so of course it wouldn’t be on another platform. Marvel would’ve gone to another publisher with this specific proposal if they wanted it to be multiplatform, but they were impressed with Sony’s software output and wanted that acclaim for themselves.

2.) This arrangement happened in 2014, at a time when Sony was still actively announcing plans for the future of their The Amazing Spider-Man film universe. The arrangement to make this game happened independently of movie politics. This game would’ve remained in development regardless of whether Sony and Disney worked to place Spider-Man in the MCU.

3.) Insomniac was contacted by Sony to work on the project. The developer was given the choice to work on any Marvel property they wanted. This has been stated in multiple interviews and further shows that with this choice being a factor before they began development, this game really has no connection with the MCU deal that happened a year after this game actually began development. Insomniac just happened to pick Spider-Man of their own free will.

4.) Sony Interactive Entertainment has never been invested with any games related to movies distributed by Sony Pictures. Outside of Ratchet & Clank ‘16 because SIE made that IP, every other movie tie-in game was published by third party publishers. If Sony cared about the type of synergy you’re suggesting, you’d see more games published by SIE that have movies distributed by Sony Pictures.

Ceaser985736187d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Makes no sense..
Why would Marvel want Spiderman which was with Activision a multiplatform game be now an Exclusive to Sony.. And all off this took place after the Movie deal..

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FallenAngel198489d ago

“Ubisoft are working on bringing The Avengers to consoles.“

Lolwut? Square Enix are the ones bringing an Avengers game with Crystal Dynamics developing it.

FullmetalRoyale88d ago

Give this person a journalism degree. At least you know basic facts! 😄

TheSaint88d ago

Seems a journalism degree would make them more prone to getting it wrong.

InKnight7s88d ago

I wouldn't trust Ubisoft at all, I mean their games are good but ain't fun. I mean look at Watch Dogs, The Crew, and The Division, all these games had great potentials but they were ruined by not delivering fun and basics.

Zeref88d ago

But it's not even Ubisoft thats making it

princejb13488d ago

lol have to agree with you
i don't trust ubisoft
all their games get repetitive quickly

EyeAmTJ88d ago

I enjoyed both Watch Dogs games & The Division

FallenAngel198488d ago

Lmao I checked back to see if the author fixed his mistake and i found this edit

“Crystal Dynamics and Ubisoft are working on bringing The Avengers to consoles”

This author seems deadset on saying Ubisoft is working on an Avengers game, and that the publisher is somehow collaborating with a developer owned by Square Enix 😂

PhoenixUp89d ago

I’d want Microsoft to prove they can frequently produce a great amount of their own original content in a consistent manner before they work on licensed properties.

If anything I trust Nintendo with a Marvel license than I would with Microsoft with one.

Lennoxb6389d ago

I wouldn't trust Nintendo either. They have the same problem that MS has. The difference is they can lean on the dozens of 3rd party Japanese devs who only develop, or mainly develop for Japanese platforms.

porkChop89d ago

How do Nintendo have the same problem? They consistently launch fun, quality exclusives every year. And they constantly find ways to reinvent even their long running franchises and keep them fresh.

That's not at all similar to Microsoft who consistently struggles to release games at all, much less great ones.

rainslacker88d ago

They could give it to monolithsoft.

I'm sure they'd be good for a doctor strange game given how they are good with writing complex stories that work on different levels.

porkChop89d ago

I'm sure Nintendo could pull it off, but I'm not sure what Marvel character would suit Nintendo. Ant-Man?

DarXyde88d ago

I think it would need to be a character with enough international appeal Japanese for it to catch on (so I would steer clear of Captain America/ Britain).

I actually think they'd do fine with an Iron Fist game or, even better, Wolverine/Dakken. The latter works well in shedding the "family only" image people seem to have about Nintendo.

Since Sony contracted Insomniac, I might suggest Nintendo contract Team Ninja. I think Wolverine would be stellar with their oversight.

Better yet, Platinum. If Nintendo and Platinum teamed up to make a Wolverine game, that would be almighty.

PhoenixUp89d ago

@ Len

Are you seriously saying that Nintendo can’t consistently put out quality games like Microsoft?

@ pork

It’s not a matter of what character suits them, it’s how any developer would adapt the material.

Lennoxb6389d ago

It's not that they can't. They just don't. They rely on the same franchises every gen just like MS. With 1 or 2 surprises each gen like Splatoon or No More Heroes.

PhoenixUp88d ago

Outside of Forza, Microsoft can’t consistently keep the quality of their franchises going. Plus Nintendo has frequently reinvented their franchises, it’s not a comparable situation

Nintendo didn’t make No More Heroes

TekoIie88d ago


"They rely on the same franchises every gen just like MS. With 1 or 2 surprises each gen like Splatoon or No More Heroes."

You say this in the year they release a new Spiderman, God Of War and (debateble) Detroit?

Nintendo keeps franchises that sell around same ad their competitors. Sony kept Uncharted around because it sold. They ditched Killzone and Resistance because their sales were declining. Nintendo was planning to do the same with Fire Emblem until Awakening basically revived the series.

Also reducing this to just franchises means nothing. Mario Strikers is nothing like Mario Kart and trying to remove it from the conversation by saying they're part of the same franchise is a desperate attempt to ignore that gameplay is what actually matters.

DarXyde88d ago


"Outside of Forza, Microsoft can’t consistently keep the quality of their franchises going. Plus Nintendo has frequently reinvented their franchises, it’s not a comparable situation."

So.... Avengers: Infinity Racing?

...Featuring special guests Banjo N Kazooie?

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bluefox75588d ago

Exactly, baby steps. They need to start out by making games that don't suck, then they can move up to big name IPs.

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DarkVoyager89d ago

“With Spider-Man's success, Microsoft needs a Marvel Deal“

Whatever you say “xboxenthusiast” lol

I’d trust Nintendo more than Microsoft with a Marvel license. Sony is obviously the most popular platform for Marvel games by far. Especially when you take into account they’re nearing 100 million consoles sold.

Srhalo89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

They seem jealous.

Phoenix7688d ago

Don't make them angry. You wouldn't like them when their angry 😉