Mega Man 11 is a Tale of Two Platforms

Sadly, not all versions of Mega Man 11 are made equal. At the Toronto 2018 Fan Expo, the game was playable on both Switch and Xbox One, performing better on one platform than the other.

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Last_Boss896d ago

Even though I'm getting the PS4 version, there was input delay on the actions. Good little demo NTS.

Baza896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

No surprise here. The base Xbox version of multi platform games typically have performance issues.

LucasRuinedChildhood896d ago

C'mon, man. Your comment doesn't make any sense. Most people by now can probably tell that I'm a PS guy (dabbled with previous Xbox consoles though) but having a preference doesn't mean that you need to be a fanboy. The XB1 is obviously significantly more powerful than Switch and Mega Man 11 isn't pushing any of these systems regardless. This article even sights a glitch in the XB1 version not present in the Switch version. This indicates a poor port:

"Another issue with the demo was jumping. One section that proved much more difficult on the Xbox One had the player jumping through large, self-contained obstacle-course blocks. Several of these blocks have a hole requiring Mega Man to jump up vertically to reach the next platform. On the Xbox One, the character would clip at the bottom of these openings, pushing him into a wall, making for what looked like a slight forward leap rather than a vertical. The only way to get around this issue was to continue moving toward the wall while jumping, before changing direction in mid-air after the collision detection fault is passed. This flaw was not apparent on the Switch."

Baza895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Everyone knows that XB1 is more powerful than Switch. That’s not the issue here. But for whatever reason the XB1 version isn’t optimized at this point. That’s concerning cause this game comes out in less than 3 weeks.

KwietStorm_BLM896d ago

Performance issues by comparison to PS4 maybe. But this is the Switch.

Slappy McGee895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

After the input delay on the MegaMan X collection and seeing it again in the MM11 demo I’m going to have to pass on it.

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