Dengeki reviews LBP

Japanese Gaming magazine Dengeki has reviewed LBP.
See the scan below for the combined score

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Blink_443649d ago

LOL you only have 1 bubble.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3649d ago

On eBay people are going mad over this game!!! The money the game is going for is AMAZING!!! I have never seen any thing like it!!! ;-D

Well done SONY;) Hopefully it will be big in Japan;)

Should be a 10/10 tho!!!;)

dro3649d ago

this should not be a suprise, i would love to see who will give this games its first 8/10...

LBP is on a roll with the reviews; i just hope it dose not turn out like gta4 and people will start saying that it did not deserve its scores.

SL1M DADDY3649d ago

Kudos to Mm for making my most anticipated game of the year.

lowcarb3649d ago

This game is way over rated and nt worth those high scores. People are not saying anything but this is why the review system cannot be trusted. If this game is game wins game of the year then I know for a fact these guys reviewing are full of it.

CrippleH3649d ago

Let me guess you're one of the people who lowered it's user metacritic?

Because you sound like a hater.

RussDeBuss3649d ago

I played the open beta and loved it, and that was with the limited stuff available for people to make levels.
I'm not too into the making my own levels, but having what is basically a never ending supply of levels to get online for free is really great. And once people have had time to perfect their own levels there will be some real great, innovative ones out there to play, either at home on your own, or online co-op.

lowcarb3649d ago

No I haven't played the game nor have I ever voted against it on the meta. I just know over rated crap when i see it.Sure this will have it's crowd but it's not that great a game from what I've seen and read. Eye candy yes but gameplay no!