Did Far Cry 2 Get BioShocked?

via VE3D: "That's what a lot of people think if these threads on the official website and the Widescreengaming forum mean anything. Long story short: instead of properly resizing the game's display for widescreen HD resolutions, the tops and bottoms are being cropped off."

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slapsta725697d ago

well that's pretty lame if true, i love my widescreen pc monitor

Hydrolex5697d ago

The map is so hugeeeeeeeeee !! It just takes 5 minustes in real life to get somewhere and it takes 1 minute to kill someone and 10 shots in the head to get a headshot

it's called GTA Africa but only cars that go 40mph

The graphics are amazing, shootings are amazing, multiplayer is fun

morganfell5697d ago

I picked up the PS3 version and the PC version both. I have had a great deal of fun but I couldn't believe a game that hyped realism and combat has no prone. Also it looks like no NVGs which is odd. Everything from old Gen II Soviet nods to Gen III western NVGs can be found over there but not in the game so far. Oh well, someone will mod the thing.

Also some of these AI can take a great deal of lead. The other day some poster was attacking SOCOM and bragging on Far Cry 2 for realism and I just laughed at him. There are other serious realism issues as well but the game has been a great deal of fun and that outweighs the realism for a lot of the issues.

psnDevistator3565697d ago

Have you tried the editor?

Take a look at a level I made.

Too bad the video quality is bad.

Hey its cool

Jinxstar5697d ago

It is pretty lame. I was playing it yesterday and I even told my roommate "it feels like I can't see enough in the game like it's a very narrow FPS similar to Bioshock when it released." I didn't realize I was that spot on though... Hopefully they patch it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5697d ago

Alot of HD owners don't realise that thier HD TV's has setting that change screen format.

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Dannagar5697d ago (Edited 5697d ago )

It doesn't matter, it's in 3-D space. The full screen version is just zoomed out a bit further. Some people have too much time on their hands. There's like a billion games to play and this dumbass is counting pixels.

TOM5697d ago (Edited 5697d ago )

truth is,it can give the feeling that you are crouching all game.I must have tried to stand up in bioshock 10 times throughout the game,when I wasnt even crouched. this is bad new in my book.Wont prevent a purchase,of course.

Max Power5697d ago

compare it too a split screen mulitiplayer.

FailStation35697d ago

I actually prefered Bioshock in widescreen HD with the patch turned OFF. I felt, as did the developers, that the closer view immersed you more in the word of Rapture.

I'm glad FarCry is the same, if so.

But on the other hand, not having an option for a true widescreen field of view is just plain dumb.

Shadow Man5697d ago

you own a HDTV just run "scan mode" (P.SIZE) or wait for a patch.

TheIneffableBob5697d ago

That will just make the problem worse.

The vertical rendering area is being cut off. The game is rendering less than what it would if it had the proper aspect ratio. To some, this makes them feel dizzy as it's not a natural view. Ubisoft needs to fix this.

Max Power5697d ago

that sucks. I mean who doesn't have a wide screen tv or monitor. I understand that a lot of people don't have those types of tvs but i have to think that most of the people who buy this game does.