FarCry 2 Review: A far cry from the original.

XboxOz360Gamer's Jim McIntyre reviews Far Cry 2 "the new benchmark for first person shooters."

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Hunter863740d ago

Gears 2 will kick its ass, although I guess strictly speaking not a first person shooter.

But really enjoying this game.

leeeeed3740d ago

FC2 looks amazing awesome - better than Gears of Fail? Hell no...

XboxOZ3603740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Having seen both Gears 2 and Far Cry 2 on the same day and in HD, Far Cry 2 leave Gears 2 for dead in the detail and the finesse of the game's construction.

Sure, they are really two different sub-genre's of shooters, but when you look at the characters, environments and details, This leaves Gears in its dust - no pun intended.

FOr those naysayers that were stating something like this could not run on the 360, here's proof that it can, and after talking with Clink Hocking, creative director of Far Cry 2, you can see that there's still heaps of room for improvement and they can do even more with the next iteration without more memory of even HDD.

It makes developers more creative in how they approach a game, so they can extract the most from the least. As more often than not, MORE is not always best. It can make you lazy.

The Map editor is probably the best I've seen. On Tuesday night I sat for hours with Ubisoft guys creating maps and then dropping down into them, Every blade of grass was dynamic, wind, fire, rain, all interacted according to what you dictated in the editor, with it changing in real time once you had finished.

Absolutely brilliant is an understatement. This will be in my 360 for months - I can see it now.

Just check the Crazy Map Editor out at thebottom of the review . . great music background to it as well.

n4gzz3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Agree with graphic and dynamic surrounding. It's the best I have seen in game too. But Game itself is not very immersive 'compare to gears. And I am fan of realistic type shooter. But Gears is still better than FC2 as a whole game. I don't regret for buying this game though. I am sure, I will be putting at least 300 hrs on this game.

XboxOZ3603740d ago

After speaking at length with Clint and LP and discussingthe HUGE viral marketing campaign (look for War Unlimited http://www.reubenblog.typep... and you'll see th e huge storyline built into this. the moral delemas of euthenasia with your buddies. which you lose PERMANENTLY if you do have to kill them, or they are killed in the game.

The whole thing is based around what could be real events happening right now. Not cutting up some underground hordes of locusts etc.

Great game (Gears 2), as we spoke for a time with Cliff last week, and you can definitely see the two are distinctly different games, and the ppl that play them are also different.

You could see and feel it at the two separate events.

Every action you do has a reaction within the game from start to finish. While most players of Gears 2 are simply interested in the MP side of things and cutting ppl in half etc. Which is great, but again, two different games.

Unless you've actually seen finished code of Gears 2, it's hard to say one is better than the other, but Some of us have, and been up-close-and-personal with them both.

psnDevistator3563740d ago

Try out the Editor

Also take a look at my level.

I'm playing on the PC Version
and Yes its beautiful!!!

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Hunter863740d ago

Are u saying it won't be better or will?

Godem3740d ago

Ill be playing this once i beat fable 2 and dead space :)

Superfragilistic3740d ago

This one's on the backburner for me (fire and all)... Fable 2, Dead Space, Gears and Fallout have my attention. As for FPS I'm keener on Left4Dead! ;)

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