Grand Theft Auto 5 For Switch, Not A Question Of If, But When?

In my mind, it’s not a question of IF it will happen, but WHEN. I do think Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Switch is inevitable.

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wonderfulmonkeyman131d ago

I'll believe it when there's some credible sources/evidence.
Till then, basically a pipe dream.

badz149130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

the file size of the whole thing alone which amounted to the volume of 65GB on the PS4 is enough to debunk any hope of it ever going to grace that puny storage. but if R* is willing to dumb everything down and skip lots of contents just to make it fit...who knows but they are already swimming in money thanks to the PS4 and Xbone and to a certain extent, PC too. I don't think they would be bothered to port it to the Switch.

Apollosupreme130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

The Switch would be gettig the last gen version if it comes. It was a 8 GB install file size on PS3 & 360.

badz149130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


You do know that the PS3 has more storage than the Switch, right? Plus, full install was not mandated for the PS3 but I'm not sure about it because I only have the PS4 version.

But why are you bringing up the PS3 here? Just so you can claim that the Switch has more power?

The 10th Rider130d ago

Pre-update GTA 5 is much smaller though. Rockstar already required a download for L.A. Noire, so it's likely they would just put the base game on the cartridge and make updates a download. It's not like that would stop the game from selling an insane amount again. 64GB cartridges are coming out next year, so if it came out next year they could use one of those and put 90% of the game on a cartridge.

And why would they have to dumb everything down? The game already runs on PS3/360 and even in handheld the Switch is substantially more powerful than either of those consoles.

NotoriousWhiz130d ago

@Badz, obviously if it can run on the PS3, it can run on the Switch. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. It's also why I'm not surprised Diablo 3 was ported to the Switch.

Profchaos130d ago

Odds are that it won't contain the higher resolution textures and next gen enhancements which will cut the game size down significantly. Still it's not a small game.

kevnb130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

They wont use the same assets as the ps4 version, ps3 version was around 8 gb. I actually have the physical pc version, it comes on 7 dvds and is one of the last physical releases on pc I've seen.

kevnb130d ago

@NotoriousWhiz not only was diablo 3 ported to the switch, it has a better framerate than last gen consoles. The switch is actually quite powerful for a console you can take with you!

BrettAwesome130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Lol. Disagrees for asking about install size

wonderfulmonkeyman130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

If they did it at all, they'd have to rework it for a cartridge format.
Along with that, comes the opportunity to work with Nintendo on compressing the file size down to something manageable.

And Nintendo has shown they can make some nearly magical results happen in compressing data before now.

The game would fit in Switch just fine.
That's not even close to being an issue, let alone being the reason why I don't think it'll happen.

I just don't think R* has any intention of bothering with it.
They're made their money on that game.
I think, if they work on Switch at all, they'll want to move on with something new and different, rather than revisiting GTA 5.

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Cmv38130d ago

They should put that effort towards gta 6

Moonman131d ago

Make it happen, it would just sell millions more to the gazillions it already has

ZeekQuattro131d ago

Meh. I'm way more interested in SR: The Third. I had a lot of fun and put a lot of hours into that game on the PS3.

Goldenhawk521130d ago

Waaay better than GTA V in my opinion. Saints Row 3 was so awesome and spent so much time with it on the PS3 when I was a teen. I am totally getting it for the Switch! Bring on the dislikes idc.

letsa_go130d ago

They can probably port the xbox 360 or ps3 version

Orionsangel130d ago

It's possible but it'll be the 360, PS3 style downgraded version. Unless they stream it online.

DarXyde130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

360/PS3 is the standard version. XBOX One/PS4 version is UPGRADED.

But yes, it'll likely be a halfway version.

I doubt they'll stream it. I think a big draw for people with a Switch would be portability and if you need a connection, that defeats the purpose.

Apollosupreme130d ago

I can live with a PS3 port. Switch isn't about cutting edge graphics.

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