Apparently DLC and White Man Are Considered As Profanity In Battlefield V

The profanity filter from the looks of it is in violation of Article 19 of UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), which was ironically created as a result of WWII.

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Petrovich2109d ago

Sad to see what's happening to this franchise, just a thought, isn't promoting an ideology through censorship one of the strategies of the small party who took over a country and eventually started WWII? :)

T2X2109d ago

Actually, "censoring" hate speech and offensive material (Kind of because of MSRB and the fact that they have to) doesn't fall into the same category as the Nazis and their brand of "Censorship" if you get my meaning.

Iberius2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Censoring games is only where it starts. Give it a decade or two and see how far the censoring has progressed.

That is the worry. If you give enough inches eventually it equals a mile and a hit to freedom of speech.

Inzo2109d ago

Some day someone is going to have to point out these "Nazis" for me.

Petrovich2109d ago

I get your point, however, the term "Hate Speech" is an overused or abused term by those who do not accept, agree, or listen to other people's opinion. It has become a defense mechanism which is based, more on feelings rather than logic. The "mute" option is there for a reason, you can either take the abuse, fight it or walk away, we always have a choice. A Profanity filter is somewhat a form of censorship which favors the ideology of those who implemented it, the words and phrases they decide to censor depends entirely on their level of tolerance and beliefs, Thus, if such feature is implemented upon a certain populace, it becomes a one-sided mechanism that will in one way or another suppress the rights of others, specifically the right to free speech, :)

thorstein2109d ago

We live in weird, weird times. I hate censorship. That being said:

We have the left being accused of being Nazis. The left has groups known as AntiFascists (antifa) who physically clash with those waving Nazi flags and who identify themselves as Nazis...

Censorship is also censoring the truth. And the truth is:

Women fought in WWII. Get the eff over it. Every single ethnic group in the USA fought in WWII. Get the eff over it.

Censoring that by eliminating these groups from video games is the very tyranny that these people claim to be against.

Weird, weird times. No labels make any sense.

"Arbeit macht frei" / sarcastic irony for those who get it. No eli5 for anyone else.

Bobafret2109d ago

Who get's to determine what "hate speech" is? Exactly, the ones censoring.

Concertoine2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


1. Telling people they cant be fascists is fascism. Antifa will beat up one of their own for donning an American flag, that goes beyond antifascism.

2. No ones complaining about women and minorities being in the game. To put a woman on the cover and feature them so prominently in the marketing of the game is revisionist and innacurate though. Especially the disabled one with the prosthetic arm, thats just ridiculous.

3. BF1 actually featured women in a historical context on the Russian side and no one really cared. Because it had historical context and BF1 actually resembled a WW1 game visually.

To argue that certain groups are over represented is a reasonable and valid argument that EA responded to in a condescending and dismissive way. That move killed any hype for this game.

The rabbit hole will never end. There were black nazis in COD WW2 for crying out loud. At least the Wolfenstein devs understand the importance of still having a swaztika in a WW2 game.

-Foxtrot2109d ago


"We have the left being accused of being Nazis"

I stopped right there...left being accused of being Nazi's? Really?

If anything the left call anyone who disagrees with them Nazi's, trolls and trump supporters.

thorstein2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

@Foxtrot: Of course you stopped there. People waving Nazi flags and calling themselves Nazis are Nazis. How can't you figure that out?

1) Who said they couldn't? I specifically said they call themselves Nazis. Nazis are fascists. Who in the proverbial EFF do you think we fought in WWII? They were fascists.

2) Putting women on the cover of a war they fought in is "revisionist." Revisionist is when movie and gaming companies made war movies and war video games with only white men in them. I don't think you understand the term. Disabled with prosthetic arm... it really is a video game and not a history lesson. Both of which you seemed to have missed out on.

3) When did I say it didn't? Please quote me.

So where was the hate for Activision/ Sledgehammer?

I have a history quiz for you:

1) Is taking down confederate statues that were erected 62 years after the civil war by the KKK erasing history?

2) Is Colin Kap (and other players kneeling during the national anthem) disrespectful of the armed forces, flag, and the USA? Is it a protest of racist police officers (note the modifier, not all police officers are racist) while simultaneously respecting the armed forces, flag and the USA, since that is what U.S. Army veteran Nate Boyer said Colin Kaepernick should do?

3) Which ethnicities in the USA did not fight in the World Wars? A) All fought B) Italians C) African Americans D) Chinese E) Japanese F) Native Americans G) Latinos H) Irish I)Czechs J) Polish K) Jews?

4) Opinion: Why are those opposed to representations of those who fought so astoundingly against that representation in a video game?

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Bigpappy2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Wow. I learn so much from these so-called “gamers”.
I had no idea Obama was so powerful. He must be the most powerful leader in US history.
This Ftank guy said Obama is a Nazi who had control over the media, governments (I guess this includes congress, the senate and the courts) and the corporate sector in order to control opponents. What is trump waiting on... he can’t allow himself to be out done by a Muslim from Kenya. Trump has majorities in the house senate and the court with non showing him any opposition. He should be way more powerful than Obama. Maybe he is. The true toothless tiger.

All of Trumps troubles are coming from people who are directly under his power: His lawyer ratted on him, Muller serves under him and sessions servers under him. The media is no trouble for Trump. They went after him for lying, sexual misconduct, ethnic prejudice.... and he still won the presidency running away.

BuildTheWall2109d ago

In the U. S. the Democratic party, leftist media, Progressives, etc. control over 93% of all media sources, they Social Media, are against real immigration reform, if you have an opinion that differs from the progressive ideals the media, leftists & most Democrats the Democrats & media label them as racist, sexist, homophobes, Islamophobes, etc. This same left is giving illegal aliens priority over those here legally, compare MS-13 to normal teenagers, say that admitting to being proud of being straight makes you homophobic, admitting to being proud of being white is racist, if you say you are proud of being gay or black they consider you a hero, say that minorities cannot be racist.

UltraNova2109d ago

Everyone is talking about anything else except the actual game. Everyone I speak too, everyone online. I truly believe that EA and Dice have effectively killed their biggest IP. I'm sad to say this but it looks BFV will be a major flop.

1-pwnsause-12109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Women did fight in world war 2...depends on the women that you’re talking about though...i’ll Tell you one thing, the chick in the front cover of bfv didn’t fight during ww2.... if she was soviet or possibly Canadian then I’ll agree with you...

The army Air Force did have females serving in world war 2, they were support units called the wasps... they didn’t fight at all... they aided but not actually fought...

The problem isn’t that there’s women in the game...I’m all down for that..the problem is the historical context side of things.... sure it’s a game, but usually when it comes to ww2 games we tend to...respect history...

william_cade2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I agree with T2X.

Cobra9512108d ago

Who gets to determine what "hate speech" is, you?

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Rimeskeem2109d ago

I think people should be more worried about what the current administration is doing when it comes to censorship. EA has no actual power.

Bobafret2109d ago

The current administration? I hope you are joking.

Sophisticated_Chap2109d ago

I'm more concerned with the censoring that Google, Facebook and Twitter are engaged in. These three corporations have way too much power.

bjjcna2109d ago

Conservatives are the censored right now fella.

thorstein2109d ago

The amount of downvotes for such a comment is quite telling about how toxic N4G has become.

thorstein2109d ago


Newspeak. Look it up.

Or perhaps read about why the pres wants the justice department to launch an investigation into an Opinion/Editorial printed in the New York Times.

Censorship? You don't know what it is?

Conservatives, again, words you don't seem to understand. Breitbart and Alex Jones are NOT conservatives.

Maddens Raiders2109d ago

"Conservatives are the censored right now fella."

Good. A bunch of goddamned nazis, haters, and bigots. Censor them all.

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Weeblordbad2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Listen if EA or Battlefield wants NO SPEECH in their titles it's up to them. The publisher or developer saying "This language IS acceptable, and this language ISN'T acceptable." Is NOT censorship. How on earth you simple people could possibly try to link publishers trying to keep racial slurs and homophobic language out of THEIR games to the formation and rise to power of the Nazi party sure is stupid. When EA burns down a shelter for LGBT people, and then blames it on Alt RIghters you'll have a point. Until that day though, secure your lips.

If the government were to tell you; You may only get your news from these sources, you may only read books from these authors or publishers, you may not communicate these terms or ideas anywhere. THAT'S censorship, the suppression of ideas and real control of information. Not EA and DICE making a profanity filter.

Oh I just read your other gem below.

You honestly think Dice blanking out slurs is Censorship and an attack on free speech? Proving once again you have zero idea what you're talking about. Free Speech does not extend to private things, like say a video game. Freedom of speech is the protection that the GOVERNMENT will not infringe on it, not whether EA or Ubisoft will let you be a simple, basic, plebeian who just resorts to slurs constantly.

But you know, the last bastion of freedom in the world was the ability to use racial and homophobic slurs on the internet. Without that it's like living in Moscow in 1981. Front all you want, you're just a useless Morty.

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Concertoine2109d ago

Well for the record, the filter in this game is broken and people have found all kinds of weird things you cant say like “is hit” (because the censor thinks its s***).

What people are criticizing is EA’s recusal to respond to legitimate criticisms about this game in a mature way. They’d rather smear everyone complaining as being something they aren’t. Look at the agrees and disagrees here, do you really think the majority of people on this article are what EA paints them as? I sure dont.

No one hear is arguing that EA is breaking a law, they just arent happy with the PC bs that they’re choosing to proliferate instead of making a good game. People here understand the best way to protest is to not buy and thats what youre seeing.

Gh05t2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

"white man" and "DLC" are racial or homophobic slurs now?
To think that you believe we are simple minded... I pitty you.

The article isn't about legitimate slurs that people find offensive it's about all the other crap that was added that ARENT hate, racist, sexist, homophobic. Please tell me how DLC could be taken badly by a person?

You seem to have missed the whole point.

Bimkoblerutso2109d ago


There's just something so ironic about this particular instance being considered "un-PC."

Like, I can understand making the case that this game doesn't necessarily need to be historically accurate, but to try and champion the decision as some kind of grand statement on diversity and political correctness almost feels revisionist in nature.

These times are just absolutely insane. It used to be hyperbole to call the PC culture insane, but when all logic and reason is literally tossed to the side in favor of fantasy...that is literally what it is: insanity.

william_cade2108d ago

Weeblord has the strongest argument.

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frostypants2109d ago

I'm more worried about our president saying he wants to censor our media for calling him out, but sure, a video game company doing this is mildly annoying.