Marvel’s Spider-Man marriage proposal Easter egg tragically backfires

Insomniac Games' openness to provide Marvel's Spider-Man Easter Eggs at fans' requests has already backfired, as an in-game marriage proposal came weeks too late.

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aconnellan37d ago

Girlfriend of 5 years that he was just about to propose to leaves him for his brother...

How is this funny?

S2Killinit37d ago

Now she knows what she missed out on.

PS: isnt that classic Spiderman? The hero doesnt always get the girl, not even Spiderman, but that doesnt make him any less a hero.

UCForce36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It is not. If I were him, I would be upset and heartbreaking. But that woman dumped him for his own brother was just terrible.

37d ago
RememberThe35737d ago

His own brother? Man thats some cold sh--. Like Suga Free said, the same thing that's makes you laugh with make you cry.

JokerBoy42237d ago

Any chick that leaves you for a sibling was showing red flags for a long time. Poor guy probably didnt even notice them.

toneblanco92536d ago

I thank God for Suga Free. Wouldn't be who I am without him.

Soc537d ago

If this guy is telling the truth that’s a pretty sad story, his own brother? That’s a family wrecker right there.
He’s lucky he missed a bullet, a girl that would do that is not someone you want to be married to anyways.

remixx11637d ago

Yeah is bro is screwed I assure you, women like that are not wifey material.

S2Killinit37d ago

His Spidy sense failed to tingle.

inxine37d ago

poor lad, hes better off without her and btw, proposing to ur better half that way is pretty amazing. screw her.

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The story is too old to be commented.