The Best and Worst of Superhero Games

Mrs Nesbitt from BBG writes: "The superhero genre is massive in the movie industry with MCU dominating the scene with several Avengers movies and other subsequent titles. So, what about video games? Similar to the game to movie transition, movies have not always transitioned very well. (Dare I mention Charlie’s Angels for GameCube?) Luckily for us, we have had some spectacular superhero games, and equally, some downright “what were they thinking” titles."

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MrAshleeD1177d ago

PS1 Spider-Man Wins it for me because Stan Lee narrated it all, his opening speech alone gets you pumped, also Worst: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows...ew

darthv721177d ago

I agree with the 1st spiderman. I have it on DC though. Hulk UD is a fun game as well.

Stalmaster1177d ago

Probably in the minority but I really enjoyed Batman Begins before the Arkham series came along.

MrsNesbitt1177d ago

Actually really enjoyed that too! But had to opt for Batman Returns on the SNES

hanko141177d ago

spider-man ten pin bowling was the best

AK911177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Deadpool was trash though, it's surprising to me that Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker isn't on the list but then again that's probably a good thing.

Ah yes and Spider-Man (2000) man that game was my childhood but the sequel Enter Electro was so underwhelming.