Help SackBoy and LittleBigPlanet make Pluto a real planet again

From PS3Fanboy: "This political season, take action for a cause you believe in. That's right: help Pluto become a planet again! You see, when we were your age, Pluto used to be a planet. But now, this little not-so-big planet has been downgraded to the status of a "dwarf planet." For denizens of other small-ish planets, this is an outrage. Discrimination!

Thankfully, you can take action. Visit Proposition Pluto to find out more about the cause. Do your part and spread the word!"

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Peter Griffin3743d ago

what classified Pluto as a little big planet?

jwatt3743d ago

That's a funny picture!

shingo3743d ago

Indeed. They should have dressed him that grey suit with the tie, though. Hehe.

mikeslemonade3743d ago

You relics! Pluto isn't a planet.

UltimateIdiot9113743d ago

I agree, even when I was in 3rd grade I figure Pluto isn't a planet. It's sooooo obvious, like those 8 of these are similar, one of them is not.

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