X-Play: Saints Row 2 Review

There is no comparison to Grand Theft Auto IV in terms of gunplay, presentation, story, ambient city life, or driving. Rockstar has this beat by a country mile. But while Row's lack of polish and rough exterior make it the less attractive choice from a technical standpoint, for those who felt shortchanged by GTA IV's scaled-back features (especially when compared to San Andreas), Saints Row 2 will help fill the void. Its relentless sense of cheesiness is also appealing, and you might be surprised at how much you'll laugh at some of the dialogue or situations. Think Tarantino over Scorsese, and you'll have a good idea at what the developers were shooting for.

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Nitrowolf23648d ago

You know what i rented this game and its actually quit fun. I mean after GTA4 i was pretty dissapointed but this adds all that fun GTA4 wasnt