Dear Capcom, Here Are the Next 6 Games You Need to Port, You're Welcome

Now that Capcom is porting Onimusha to modern consoles, one must wonder what other games the company is planning to bring to the current generation. Here are a few ideas.

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gangsta_red1184d ago

Port? I think every game on that list deserves a sequel.

PhoenixUp1184d ago

Viewtiful Joe HD Collection

aarogree1184d ago

That is a viewtiful idea ;)

vesaxu1183d ago

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AnubisG1183d ago

That title🤣

"You're welcome"

Like capcom doesn't know what IP's they have....

aarogree1183d ago

Maybe it has so many it's having trouble deciding?

Vandamme211183d ago

I love asura’s wrath...I wannna see a sequel to that game

Venox20081183d ago

and at least a remaster :)

Fist4achin1183d ago

That game was a hoot. I still chuckle at the hot springs level.

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