Which DC Comics Character Should Get The Spider-Man PS4 Treatment

On this Episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation, Hosts Joseph and Fiona talk about, whether or not Spider-Man PS4 could be the week for PlayStation’s best retail performance yet. Spider-Man hype becomes too much to handle, what their hopes and fears are for the game. Also, which DC character would you like to see get the Spidey treatment? Polygon ditches review scores, and what this could spell for the rest of the industry. Sony attitude towards Cross-Play becomes increasingly arrogant. Can Battlefield 5’s delayed launch help the games release, or is it too little too late? Henery Cavill is our new Geralt of Riva, in the Netflix Witcher series. Lastly, is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout mode finally getting us excited?

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darthv72870d ago

Cyborg could be cool.

On a side note its quite telling how anyone who said superman got no up votes and only downs.

Curious why that is? He is prob the most iconic in the DC universe.

Kribwalker870d ago

well batman already has, so that’s out, a good superman game would be great i think

mkis007870d ago

Here's hoping that is what Rocksteady is actually working on. Hopefully we know by next E3. They have been very silent about any project they are working on.

FallenAngel1984870d ago

You mean which other DC property should be treated like the Batman: Arkham series

870d ago
darthv72870d ago

Superman. It's really sad that such an iconic hero has such a lackluster game following. There needs to be one that does the legacy "justice" (pun intended)

jukins870d ago

How do you make a playable game where the leaf is perceived by most as indestructible.

forevercloud3000870d ago

The lose factor just wont be tied to his defeat. Could make it about the quality of saving lives.

There is a side scrolling super hero game called "Whos That Flying?". The hero is invincible, its the city that represents his health bar.

Superman also has a myriad of enemies who rival him in power.

gangsta_red870d ago

But Superman is not indestructible. Don't know why people think this is impossible to do especially when we have already played games where characters fight God's already.

kltpzyxm870d ago

Superman is the most obvious one

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The story is too old to be commented.