What Made Metal Gear Solid's Codecs So Special And Iconic

On the 20th anniversary of the original US release of Metal Gear Solid, let's explore one of the things that made the groundbreaking stealth game so special and so iconic: the codec.

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MrsNesbitt43d ago

It was so unique. I honestly got excited when the buzz for the codec went off. Nice read!

Uberunit43d ago

Thanks! I know the feeling. It would make for an awesome ringtone!

Elwenil42d ago

I've had the Codec alert as my txt tone for over a decade. It's funny to see people react to it when in public as so many people know the sound.

AK9142d ago

It added more more and personal info about characters both inside and outside of Shadow Moses. Hell it shocks me that Naomi's arc took place completely off screen.

Why o why42d ago

I felt compelled to listen. . It's like I didn't wanna miss out on anything. It was a great way of fleshing out both story and characters within.