Kings and Corpses: Speculative Lore in Dark Souls

BBG writes, "I take a detailed look at some compelling lore theories in the Dark Souls universe."

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boyyzackk135d ago

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Lots of people won't play those style games because the story isn't blasted into your face. Little do they know that if you wewerwewere to delve into dark souls styled story telling games a while new aspect of the game is introduced making it that much better of a game. Lemme rephrase my first comment. Great read my friend!

nix133d ago

i loved the Bloodborne lore so much that i downloaded the 300 book written by a fan. It was a great read also.

Nacho_Z133d ago

Love a bit of Bloodborne and Souls lore and this was as interesting as ever. It's always impressive to me how well hidden the info is and also how clever people are who can uncover it and piece it together. I sometimes try and do it myself, stand there staring at an interesting statue or whatnot but it's just tumbleweed in there.